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Zulu Fitness AquaZulu Flotation Belt

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

AquaZulu Flotation Belt

Modeled after the acclaimed Hydro-Tone Belt, the new AquaZulu Flotation Belt by Zulu Fitness Systems is a one-of-a-kind buoyancy device designed for aqua aerobics, aquatic therapy sessions, and swimming assistance.

A Force to Be Reckoned With

Popular among therapists, rehabilitating athletes, and water aerobics enthusiasts, the AquaZulu belt equips users for myriad uses. The waterproof, closed-cell foam makes for a particularly buoyant user experience. And, because of the belt's slim design (about 1.25" thick) and low-key coloring, the AquaZulu is one of the most inconspicuous water jog belts available.

Keep in mind that no floatation belt is meant to be a life-saving device and you should never rely on one as such. Floatation aides should always be used in the presence of an experienced adult swimmer or at your own risk.

High-Quality Construction

Constructed from closed-cell foam, similar to Ensolite®, the AquaZulu belt will not water log and consistently provides above-average buoyancy. Formulated by NASA, this durable foam was designed to absorb pressure, similar to Memory Foam - making the AquaZulu Flotation Belt a unique and uncommonly comfortable option.

Not only that, the AquaZulu Belt is covered with super-soft vinyl. The vinyl coating means that your jog belt will last longer than standard foam belts and will resist chips and dents. If you do manage to tear the vinyl on your own accord, you can easily seal it up with black vinyl repair sealant available at any local hardware store.

Sizing Information

All Measurements in Inches

Belt Size LengthHeight at Center of Back Height at Hip CutoutThicknessFits Waist Sizes
Small-Medium 30 1/4 9 7 1/21 1/448 inches and Under
Large-Xlarge 35 3/4 8 3/4 7 1 1/460 inches and Under

Not quite large enough? Try a pair of extension straps for an extra 12" of waist circumference.

Similar to the Hydro-Tone Belt

The lengthy cut of this belt means that you'll feel more secure because the belt wraps farther around the body than its peers. And, because the foam is evenly distributed on all sides, the AquaZulu Belt assists users in maintaining an easy upright position - perfect for water jogging and deep water workouts. Beyond that, the hip cut-outs make this water belt a more comfortable option as it won't apply pressure to the pelvic bones and hip joint.

Caring For Your AquaZulu Belt

To ensure the longest life for your belt, be sure to rinse it after every use to remove any chemical residues. Then, allow it to dry completely before storing flat in a location with no direct sunlight. You'll also want to be sure not to expose your Zulu Flotation Belt to temperatures below freezing or extreme heat (a hot car will wreak havoc on vinyl). If you'd like to clean your belt, you can do so using soap and water, or a mild chlorine solution.

The AquaGear Opinion

Testers in the AquaGear pool were enchanted by the latest offering from Zulu Fitness Systems. The remarkably soft vinyl coating is certainly comfortable, but also "grips" the skin for a stable, no-slip fit. Testers were equally as impressed with the AquaZulu belt's ultra-buoyant design which is popular with therapists and patients in rehab programs. In comparison to the Hydro-Tone Belt, the AquaZulu features a more flexible and malleable foam material, giving it an unmatched level of comfort. Moreover, users loved the slimmer foam design for uninhibited arm movement and a less cumbersome feel.

The Bottom Line

If you find yourself in need of a hardy flotation belt with excellent buoyancy, don't settle for a cheaply-made model. Strap on an AquaZulu Jog Belt and defy gravity. Get yours today!

Proudly made in the USA.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 54 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Aqua Zulu
Written by on March 23rd

The belt works great. It keeps me floating along.

Aqua Zulu
Written by on January 26th

Overall, I am very satisfied. Love its pliability. Having a little trouble adjusting straps for best fit.

Zulu Flotation Belt
Written by on December 4th

Srtaps were not long enough for the waist size it said it fit, and extension straps were sold out. Aqua Gear response; Extension straps are now back in stock.

flotation belt
Written by on October 29th

I have never had a belt before but my aerobics instructor indicated that it was something I could use to increase my cardio work so I bought it. It fits well and works great.

Love it, but it does break down
Written by on March 16th

I'm on my 2nd aqua zulu belt, and will need my 3rd by this summer. Love it (and I've tried at least 3 other brands/styles), but wish it lasted longer. Pros: 1. I'm a sinker (135 lbs. but athletic--I get the small and it is fully tightened when on) and it holds me up without treading water. That is hard to find. 2. It is comfortable and stays put around my waist, where I secure it, even when doing an active water aerobics, moving my body in all directions. Con: I fully rinse it after every use, but the black plastic that covers the foam chips eventually chips off. I bought my last one last summer, and it is already starting to deteriorate...hence why I'm headed to #3. I guess I get my money's worth, but it is somewhat disappointing to already have to reorder yet again. Because of the pros, I will.

Written by on September 22nd

Like the belt but it moves around once in the water. The s/m belt but no way to adjust the trap in once they reach the minimum. Will keep the belt, but will order a different belt that has Velcro and allows tighter adjustment.

Zulu Belt
Written by on July 15th

Ruth points out that this belt is excellent for a variety of special populations, and rightfully so, but is is also an outstanding belt for the average water exercise participant as well because of its design and quality.

AquaZulu Water Belt
Written by on June 5th

The Zulu belt is excellent for large men, obese adults, people with a lot of muscle and Athletes. The belt is excellent for swimming, rehab or exercise with the body in vertical or horizontal position. You can use it around the waist to work vertically in deepwater to assist balance, and in shallower water for clients with balance issues. Stand on the belt for surfing, reverse squats or skiing. The belt can be used as a seat for clients who need to relearn gait, and with feet touching (or not) for seated balance skills. With the client in supine position the belt can be positioned under the hips to work on stability or range of motion. The belt can also be positioned from tailbone to head (lengthwise) for core stability. Ruth Sova, Founder Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation Institute

Excellent Product
Written by on October 27th

This product is excellent, we love using it and would buy it again.

Written by on November 16th

I Love this flotation belt. I received one for Christmas last year and am giving one to someone else for Christmas this year!

AquaZulu belt
Written by on December 4th

Joanne helped me on the phone and she was amazing. Joanne was patient and listened to what I was trying to accomplish with my new adventure in water aerobics. I received the AquaZulu belt and it works great for me. I float while I exercise and that is good because I can concentrate on my exercise.

Excellent Product
Written by on February 9th

We really love your product, this is our 3rd one and they are all being put to good use. Would recommend for anyone wanting to do deep water exercise, specifically cycling.

Water Aerobics Belt
Written by on February 17th

This belt is perfect. Keeps you out of the water just the right amount, easy to use, comfortable. There is no competition. Have had other belts in the past that are now in the trash

Written by on March 16th

if you're into recreational water polo or water fitness classes this is the belt for you! I'm play water polo with a group and was using the belts that the pool supplied. It wasn't until I bought the AquaZulu water belt did I realize what I was missing. I'm 250lbs and this belt keeps me up out of the water and I'm able to play for an hour without exhausting myself. You won't regret purchasing this product.

Great product and service
Written by on March 31st

A very good Flotation Belt sold by the most friendly people you can deal with. Did I forget to mention a very good price.

Excellent product
Written by on May 8th

The product is excellent, just what I was looking for in a flotation belt. Customer service was excellent, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a flotation belt.

Aquazulu review
Written by on May 30th

Excellent piece of equipment. Very comfortable and very heavy-duty. High quality and very functional. Very pleased!!!!!!!!!

flotation belt
Written by on May 31st

purchase this item was easy, reasonable price and shipping condition was excellent. I can keep in mind to buy other products if I need. thank you Elsie

Best water belt out there
Written by on September 3rd

Best design by far. Thank you for appreciating the hydrotone design. No other belt compares. Thank God we found you. Allows optimal water work out.

Best for water running
Written by on September 13th

I used one of these belts at my physical therapy facility's pool and really liked it, way better than the aqua jogger one I had at home and less bulky. I decided I'd like to get one for myself, problem is they are nearly impossible to get anywhere other than through AquaGear, and they are almost never in stock. I got lucky one day and they were available so I grabbed one, but they only had small-medium size which seemed like it should fit. Unfortunately when it arrived it was not large enough, I like the foam part to come all the way around my waist and the small didn't. So, I had to return it, and now I stalk this page waiting for them to have some large ones available...

Written by on December 31st

This is the best floatation belt for pool running there is on the market. I finally got one from Aqua Gear with their great customer service. It was shipped almost instantly and I had it within 2 days. I love this thing, it keeps you in the best position for running.

zulu fitness aquazulu flotation belt
Written by on February 4th

High quality and very comfortable to wear. I use it for core and balance fitness in deep warm exercise.

Fantastic Belt
Written by on March 9th

The aquazulu belt is the absolute best one that you can buy. To be able to do deep water aquasize, my husband has had to wear two regular belts in order to remain afloat. He loves this new belt because of the buoyancy he attains and the comfort of the foam. He highly recommends it for anybody that is over six feet tall and weighs over 200 pounds. We also appreciate the service we were given from the Aquagear Swim Shop. Thank-you.

Excellent flotation belt
Written by on June 3rd

I needed to replace my previous flotation belt because of wear and tear from five years of use. I found the Aquazulu belt and ordered it. The belt soon arrived and I am very happy with the fit and the way it looks. Good job, thank you.

Excelkent Purchase
Written by on July 9th

Purchase was exactly as advertised. Great buy and delivered on time... no surprises

Aquazulu Flotation Belt
Written by on July 15th

After trying a few other flotation belts I have found the AquaZulu to be the superior belt. It helps keep you more upright while not riding up and providing the support you need.

Amazing Flotation Belt
Written by on October 11th

Absolutely love my new flotation belt, I do deep water running at lunch and have to go back to work, keeps the hair dry no matter the crazy routine we attempt!

Zulu Flotation belt
Written by on October 14th

Perfect for aquatic physical therapy-my patients love it!

Outstanding product
Written by on November 11th


AQUAZULU floating belt
Written by on December 16th

This is an excellent jogging tool which motivates me to exercise .more. The customer service was attentive to my little problems. Happy I’ve got this belt!

Aqua Zulu
Written by on December 30th

I am 6 ft 8 and not small....this belt does a great job in the pool running class I take. It’s also comfortable to,wear.

Aquazulu Flotation Belt
Written by on January 28th

I like the belt a lot for water aerobics. It allows me to do deep water exercise tabata's that get my heart rate up. I like the fit because I am tall and it is wide so it fits well. It also fits all the way around my waist for maximum comfort. I have tried many belts and I like this one the best.

Awesome Belt
Written by on March 4th

At 6'2" and 300 lbs it's hard to find a flotation vest that fits but this one does and love it

Highly Recommended
Written by on March 10th

I purchased this for an 86 year old woman who has had a stroke. She loves to swim, but needs extra flotation. We have tried 3 belts so far, and NOTHING has worked as well as the Aquazulu. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

BJ Starr
Written by on March 18th

Use it every day in my outdoor pool. Worry free workout for joints and dropping waist size. Hands free for upper body WO and hair is flawless under my sun hat. Get to look at the view and feel one with nature, bird watching and maybe a surprise dolohin visit!

Written by on April 21st

absolutely the best

AquaZulu Flotation Belt
Written by on June 18th

Got this belt as I am rehabbing a knee injury and want to retain as much running-fitness as possible. The belt works very well and is more comfortable than expected. There is no substitute for running but this sure beats being stuck inside a gym on an elliptical machine!

Aqua Zulu Belt- Great for Plus Size
Written by on June 27th

For the deep water aerobics class, it was necessary for me to use two flotation belts that were supplied by our public pool. They would slide over one another, and become an inconvenience to wear. The Aqua Zulu belt provides better flotation, a much better fit with the double fastening straps, and is comfortable to wear. At 5'10" and 240 lbs. I can say that this belt has stood up to the test and passed with flying colors. Before trying this belt, I thought that the plastic buckles would not be able to stand up to the strain, but I was - happily - proved wrong. The only issue I've experienced is that the belt will sometimes develop cracks (along the edges) but that is easily remedied with an application of vinyl adhesive (such as Shoe-Goo...which comes in black).

Flotation Belt
Written by on July 7th

Lov it, lov it, awesome. Great company too.

Written by on July 14th

Used this belt in Aqua therapy following back surgery and wanted to continue at home. This belt helps strengthen my core by floating while working on all areas of my body. Love it. works great and is very well constructed

Perfect for My Needs
Written by on July 28th

This is a great belt. It doesn't ride up like my previous belt. It makes you feel very secure without impeding on your range of motion in the water. I am very happy with my purchase.

Personal care tech
Written by on August 19th

Excellent. Works very well

Fits Great
Written by on October 9th

This belt also helped my posture at home. I have a lower back issue and sometimes wear the belt for ease and comfort

Fits Great
Written by on October 9th

This belt also helped my posture at home. I have a lower back issue and sometimes wear the belt for ease and comfort

OUTSTANDING AquaZulu Flotation Belt
Written by on October 27th

OUTSTANDING AquaZulu flotation belt for both swimming and running in deep water! My wife and I both love it at age 71.

Written by on December 12th

I use the aquazulu when I play water polo it one of the best floatation devices

Written by on December 29th

Best flotation device available for water exercise

AquaZulu flotation belt
Written by on February 9th

Excellent product very good quality. Makes you feel comfortable in the water while you are exercising. Would definitely recommend this product!

Great belt for injury recovery
Written by on March 23rd

I am a recreational marathoner recovering from major hip issues: IT band syndrome, stress fracture in the femoral neck, and a labrum cartilage tear. I’ve been on crutches for 7+ weeks and only cleared for water activities. I researched all available belts with the realization that even after healing I will need to do some of my training in the water to spare my hips. The AquaZulu seems worthy of all its glowing reviews. It’s comfortable and has the right bouancy for me. The belts stays put and I honestly never even noticed it once in the water. Pleased with my purchase!

AquaZulu Belt
Written by on May 20th

I L-O-V-E my new AquaZulu floatation device. It's sturdy and secure....it doesn't rise up on your back, and it's not flimsy like the ones that are offered at the pool for free. It makes me feel confident. Nothing like having your own AQUAZULU!!!!

For the discerning larger size man or woman
Written by on July 15th

I spent days scouring the internet for an aqua Belt that could fit a larger man. I have a 52 inch waste and wanted something that would hold a 280lb man. Forget amazon they don't have it. The AquaZulu Flotation Belt is the answer! My instructor told me to go to AquaGear and Boom there it was; a large belt which can extend to a size 60 and more with additional straps you can purchase if necessary. I feel very secure doing deep water aerobics with this belt. We train in 11 ft of water and I'm a dog paddler side stroke kind of guy. When I put the AquaZulu on, I am able to safely participate in all the activities as if I was in a saltwater pool. I float! Tightening the straps securely if the key to a good fit and this belt makes it easy to adjust the straps for a snug firm grip that stays in place wear you lock it. If you want a belt that can do extra support and gets plenty of positive comments at the pool this is the belt you need. The fast shipping and customer service is awesome too. They answered all my questions before I made my purchase. Awesome company awesome product!

Awesome Fitness Belt
Written by on August 18th

The Aquazulu belt is a MUST for anyone who wants to use the water as their “gym”. My husband and I have have had medical setbacks not allowing us to walk long distances or bicycle for exercise like we use to. So we each bought ourselves the Aquazulu belt and within weeks we noticed a loss of inches and an increase in our energy. I highly recommend this product for anyone of any age that is interested in getting fit.

Written by on August 24th

An excellent belt. Recommend it for deep water exercise. Very comfortable.

Flotation Belt
Written by on September 14th

I absolutely love this belt!!! It keeps my face and neck well above the water as I exercise. I feel very secure with it. I will definitely buy another one if or when I need to.

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