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Women's Swim Goggles

While most goggles can easily fit both men and women, many female swimmers with narrower face frames have a hard time finding a pair that won't slip or leak. Goggle manufacturers listened to swimmers' concerns and have begun producing goggles that are specifically tailored to a woman's needs. AquaGear® offers a wide variety of women's swim goggles and masks that can help recreational, fitness, and endurance swimmers enjoy a hassle-free swim.

Narrower Frames

Women usually have narrower, more petite face frames than men. That's why female-specific goggles feature smaller frames, nosepieces, and gaskets. In order to create a perfectly comfortable, watertight seal, a goggle must be able to fit a person's face accurately. Too large of a frame or gasket, and you'll be dealing with leaky lenses and slipped straps. Swim masks and goggles that were designed to fit female swimmers have an easier time fitting smaller faces and allow women to enjoy a comfortably-fitting, leak-free swim.

For Every Level Swimmer

Just as regular goggles are designed for specific types of swimming environments, women's goggles come in a wide variety of options to fit every swimmer's requirements. Women's competition goggles feature a low profile frame, streamline lenses, and a thin gasket. Because they are designed to be smaller than their larger, unisex counterparts, these race day goggles can easily fit within a woman's eye sockets for a more streamline, solid fit. Women who enjoy open water and endurance swims will love the line of swim masks designed just for them. These goggle mask hybrids are able to provide female swimmers with a wide, panoramic view without being too large for the face frame. Their wider gasket helps create a more comfortable fit that lasts for hours on end. Recreational swimmers will also enjoy the swim masks ability to keep eyes comfortable and irritant-free at the pool, beach, lake, or anywhere else swim eyewear is needed.

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