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Speedo Aqua Fit 360 Hand Weights
Speedo Aqua Fit 360 Hand Weights

The Speedo Aqua Fit 360 Hand Weights are designed to help you tone and build muscle on both dry land and while in the water. You don't have to add on a ton of weight in order to see results. The Aqua Fit 360 Hand Weights only weigh one pound each, but they can easily help you tone and strengthen your upper body. And because of their waterproof design, they're made for use on dry land or while you're in the pool.

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Speedo Aqua Fit 360 Stretch Bands
Speedo Aqua Fit 360 Stretch Bands

For one of the best variable resistance workouts, either on dry land or in the water, reach for a set of Speedo Aqua Fit 360 Stretch Bands. One of the best features of the Stretch Band set is that it comes with two levels of resistance. Because each muscle group requires a different level of resistance, the Speedo brand provides the option of choosing which level is right for a particular exercise.

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Water Gear Aquatic Wrist Weights
Water Gear Aquatic Wrist Weights

Designed for a comfortable resistance workout, the Water Gear Wrist Weights are covered with soft Lycra fabric and conform to the wrist with continued use. While some swimmers swear by swimming with weights, most users find themselves performing water exercises like arm curls, jumping jacks, and cross-country-skis. Each set of weights is color-coded by size and features an adjustable Velcro closure.

100+ In Stock
Water Gear Aquatic Ankle Weights
Water Gear Aquatic Ankle Weights

The Water Gear Ankle Weights are available in three different weight levels to give you a customizable device to strengthen and tone your lower body. The Water Gear Ankle Weights are an excellent way to improve and enhance your existing water aerobics workout. By simply strapping a pair on to your legs, you're able to increase the amount of resistance your lower body receives. Once-simple water jogging movements in the water are now enhanced by the added weights around the ankle.

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All Pro Replacement Ankle Weight
All Pro Ankle Weight Replacement Weight

Manufactured by All Pro. Each replacement weight is sold a la carte. One weight weighs 5 oz.

7 In Stock
All Pro Weight-A-Band
All Pro Weight-A-Band Weighted Aquatic Resistance Tubing

The All Pro Aquatic Weight-A-Band is aquatic exercise bands with a plus. They are specifically designed for water workouts. This is a 2 lb set with 1 lb of weight in each handle for additional resistance, and a comfort foot cushion. Not just tubing... you have to try it to believe it! Waterproof yellow vinyl grip handles and comfort foot cushion for ultimate comfort. Work upper body unilaterally and bilaterally. Develop strength, endurance, stroke technique, and improved flexibility.

5 In Stock
All Pro Adjustable Aquatic Wrist Weights
All Pro Aquatic Wrist Weight

The All Pro Aquatic Wrist Weights give users a chance to adjust their level of resistance to customize their workout. Unlike other, one-weight-fits-all wrist weights, All Pro has specifically designed their weights to be removable in order to increase or decrease the level of resistance, as desired. Each wristband comes with 2lbs (4lbs total for the pair) and their removable metal 'bullets' allow users to customize the All Pro's weight in increments of 4 oz.

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All Pro Adjustable Aquatic Ankle Weights
All Pro Aquatic Ankle Weights (5lbs per pair)

The All Pro Aquatic Ankle Weights give users a fully customizable workout to better develop strength, endurance, and toned muscles throughout the lower body. Unlike other, static ankles weights, the All Pro Aquatic Ankle Weights allow users to add and subtract weights as needed. The set comes loaded with 5 pounds of weights and is adjustable in 5 ounce increments.

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All Pro Thighaciser® Weight Adjustable Aquatic Thigh Weights
All Pro ThighACiser Aquatic Thigh Weights

The All Pro Thigh-a-Ciser Weights are designed to fit comfortably around the thigh to give your upper leg a deep, muscle building workout. The All Pro Thigh-a-Ciser features contoured foam that cushions around the leg for a secure, comfortable fit. It provides padding against the thighs, quads and hamstrings, yet still allows the leg to move freely. The leg weights' exclusive design places the weights away from the thighs to keep an exercisers range of motion fully intact.

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All Pro Power Strider Exercise Belt
All Pro Adjustable Weighted Water Exercise Belt

The All Pro Adjustable Weight Exercise Belt features a one-size-fits-all belt, with no weight on the stomach or spine. Neoprene casing for minimal water retention. Waterproof, vinyl-covered removable steel weights. Weights can be added or removed as required for progressive resistive exercise. Develop strength, endurance and toning. Instruction sheet included. Comes with 10 lbs of weights in 5 ounce increments.

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