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Water Weights

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All Pro Replacement Ankle Weight All Pro
Ankle Weight Replacement Weight
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All Pro Replacement Ankle Weight
All Pro Ankle Weight Replacement Weight

Manufactured by All Pro. Each replacement weight is sold a la carte. One weight weighs 5 oz.

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Water Weights

Want a more challenging pool workout? Our selection of heavy-hitting swimming weights create powerful resistance to augment lap swimming, water aerobics classes, or aquatic therapy sessions. Choose from varieties that strap on to the ankles, wrists, thighs, or waist and add valuable load-bearing weight to your water workouts.

What Are Swimming Weights?

Water weights for the pool are designed to defy water's buoyancy, meaning you'll have to work against their gravitational pull. Whether you're water-jogging, leg-lifting, or bicep-curling, swimming weights create omnidirectional drag that helps develop muscle tone and improve stamina simultaneously.

Most weights for swimming utilize a Velcro or buckle clasp for quick on-and-off. Their no-fuss designs fasten to the body rather than requiring you to hold them, making them ideal for arthritis patients who lack gripping power. Swimming weights are often constructed from neoprene to withstand the rigors of aquatic workouts and resist chlorine's destructive force. Plus, the material minimizes water retention and holds tight to the body to prevent chaffing.

How to Use Water Weights

The versatile design of swimming weights means you can perform all the same exercises you would during an aerobics class with addition of up to 5 lbs of weight per limb. This extra load makes the pool a suitable environment for bone density maintenance.

When you're done, be sure to rinse your weights in fresh water and allow them to dry fully before storing them. You'll also want to avoid leaving your weights in the sun to reduce bleaching and fabric breakdown. Due to their plastic bladders and other heat-sensitive components, you should never machine wash or dry your weights.

Tip: Always place your swimming weights gently on the deck. Tossing them time after time may damage the bladder and cause weight material (e.g., metal shavings) to spill out.

Weights For Swimming, Water Aerobics, and Hydrotherapy

Need to beef up? Swimming with wrist, thigh, or ankle weights assists in strengthening the muscles necessary for stroke performance. But be careful not to wear your swim weights too often because they promote poor body alignment which reduces stroke efficiency.

For fitness gurus, potent ankle and wrist weights add load-bearing intensity - allowing for increased bone density and muscle gain.

Weights for aquatic rehab patients can be used in myriad ways: walking, water jogging, leg lifts, jumping jacks, and more. But, be sure to check in with your doctor or physical therapist before adding weight to your routine.

Static vs. Adjustable Weights

Uniquely-designed All Pro weights are incrementally adjustable, allowing you to perfectly tailor them to your evolving needs. Simply add 5oz "weight bullets" as you gain strength, or remove bullets while you rehab an injury.

Non-adjustable designs − such as Water Gear weights − are less versatile, but more economical.

Before adding water weights to your exercise routine, check with your doctor or physical therapist to make sure you won't be doing any damage. Once you get the green light, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for help choosing the perfect pair of weights for swimming, water aerobics, or rehabilitation.

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