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Water Gear Water Cell Floatation Neck Collar

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Water Gear Swim Collar

To fully free your body of any cumbersome floatation devices, try the Water Gear Water Cell Flotation Collar. It allows water exercisers to get the most out of full body movements when fully submerged.

Full Body Suspension

Thanks to the device's Water Cell foam, the Water Gear Flotation Collar is able to suspend the entire body's weight, up to 220 pounds. While other flotation devices are required to strap around the waist or arms, the Water Gear float frees up your hands, feet and core for complete range of motion. While other neck-centered flotation devices come close, they can't quite achieve the same buoyant and durable qualities as the Water Gear's Water Cell foam. Take the Hydro-Fit Wet Vest Collar, for example. It actually doesn't rely on foam to float. The Hydro-Fit uses an inflatable float to keep the user above water. But, even without the Water Cell foam, it comfortably supports the head and neck in both vertical and horizontal positions.

For Relaxing or Working Out

Because the Water Cell foam is able to support your entire body's weight, the Flotation Collar can be used for both floating and for aqua aerobics routines. You'll love the way the soft material comforts your head and easily suspends your feet. It's a great way to relax in the pool, especially if you're in the process of rehabilitating injuries. And it's easy to use the collar as an exercise companion as well. In the deep end of the pool, you'll be able to keep your head easily above water so that you can fully focus on the strengthening and cardio vascular exercises at hand. Once you're done using the product, either after a calm float or heart pounding class, store the collar in a well-ventilated mesh bag. The AquaJogger Mesh Bag measures 24"x24" and comes with a shoulder strap and drawstring for easy transportation. Its mesh design will help dry all your water workout gear and ensure that the Water Cell Collar lasts as long as possible.

Comfortable to Wear

The Water Cell Collar fits around the neck and is fully adjustable. The inside circumference measures 12" and is able to adapt to a wide variety of neck sizes. A comfortable and well-placed Nylon strap ensures that the collar stays put, no matter how relaxing or rigorous your time in the water might be. Its adjustable quality makes it a similar fit to the Kiefer Adjustable Adult Flotation Neck Collar. The Kiefer collar's Nylon zippered collar enables the user to adjust the amount of floatation, as well as fit, while in the water. And its junior version, the Kiefer Adjustable Pediatric Swim Collar, is perfect for helping kids or smaller framed adults stay afloat from the neck up.

The AquaGear Opinion

Swimmers in the AquaGear test pool were excited that the Water Gear product would give them a chance to relax, as opposed to other competition style swim gear. Testers found that the Flotation Collar was tight-fitting and secure, and could be easily adjusted as needed. They also found it extremely easy to just lay back and relax the entire body. The head is always comfortable held above the water and the foam’s quality coating helped keep the collar free from the damaging effects of chlorine.

The Bottom Line

The versatile Water Gear Water Cell Flotation Collar is perfect for most any water-based exercise routine.

Product Reviews

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flotation device
Written by on October 8th

it works great and I can now return into the water with no worries

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