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Water Gear Thera Float Aquatic Therapy Float

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.


Made to Keep You Afloat

Designed to easily and comfortably keep your entire body afloat, the Water Gear Ther-a-Floats are excellent for deepwater relaxation, spinal traction, and for focusing solely on lower body exercises. The unique donut-shaped training devices help keep swimmers, no matter their size or ability level, vertically suspended in deeper water. They use the same principles as a flotation belt, only are fitted around the arms instead of waist. Pair the devices with other training aids to give newer swimmers more confidence while in the water. Neck collars would work great at further supporting the head, while the Ther-a-Floats support the rest of the body. Try the Water Gear Water Cell Flotation Neck Collar or the Kiefer Adjustable Adult Flotation Neck Collar. Both are ideal for deep water exercises. They are made from extremely durable, buoyant materials and remain comfortable during even the longest of training sessions.

Price is for 1 pair of Ther-a-Floats

How To Use the Ther-a-Float

The Water Gear Ther-a-Floats are made from soft, durable closed cell EVA foam. They are available in medium (yellow) or large (blue) sizes. The round devices have arm holes, which allow the floats to easily slide up your forearm and fit around your upper arm for a comfortable and supportive feel. Because they are able to slide so far up the arm, the Ther-a-Floats counter balance the entirety of your body weight and give more stabilization than other flotation devices. Use them alone to focus on rigorous leg exercises or simply take a break and relax with the pair. Use a second, separately sold, extremity float for a horizontal suspension. Other similar foam devices work great with the Ther-a-Floats to assist your full body workout. Try the AquaJogger Sqoodle, a square water noodle, that provides extra buoyancy and added support and resistance. And when you are not using the Ther-a-Floats, store them in a mesh bag, such as the AquaJogger Mesh Bag, to ensure proper air ventilation and increase the longevity of the floats.


Measurements in Inches.
MEDIUM(YELLOW) 9.25 4.5 3
LARGE(BLUE) 12 5 3.125

The AquaGear Opinion

Testers were more than happy to try out this uniquely designed flotation and rehabilitation device. Swimmers in the AquaGear pool were quick to notice that the Ther-A-Float's soft material was quite comfortable against the skin. Even with extended wears, the construction did not chafe or irritate the skin. Because the extremity floats support the upper body with ease, they allowed testers to really focus on leg exercises. While other similar products tend to wear out the arms, the Water Gear product was so buoyant that it floated the entire body with ease and without tiring the swimmer. They were great to use while working leg muscle groups and while relaxing in the water, but their design did impede arm movements a bit and they might need to be taken off to fully work the upper body.

The Bottom Line

The Ther-a-Floats are one of the best and more supportive floatation devices that aqua aerobics enthusiasts and rehabilitating patients can use to achieve a comfortable suspension in the water.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 14 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Written by on July 21st

The gear was in good shape when it arrived. I had not problem giving them to my water exercise class. They were a little wide, but they were usable. I would order more if they were a little smaller.

Therafloat is exactly what I was looking for. Great product.
Written by on December 1st

Great product. Well made.

So glad I found this
Written by on March 2nd

I had just started physical therapy at the hospital and needed to be on the road for two weeks. Ordered and received this ther-a-float in time to take it with me. It's exactly the same thing they use at the hospital. I've used it everyday at hotel swimming pools so that I haven't missed getting the therapy I've needed. A great purchase and great service. Thank you.

Written by on July 30th

Fantastic....love them!!!

Thera Float
Written by on October 15th

Thera Float is a great resistant tool in warm or cool water pools or water period.

Written by on December 31st

These are a miracle -- keep me perfectly afloat for my therapy follow up at the Y

Worth the wait,
Written by on May 6th

Works well for my water therapy program.

Written by on June 12th

These are the same that I used at pool therapy. Satisfied

Therapy Floats
Written by on June 25th

Love these floats -- much better than using a floatie and I love having my own equipment instead of using the shared equipment at the pool. I recommend these for anyone who has ever had knee pain. Together with ankle weights, the deep water hanging lets your joints expand and offers so much pain relief.

Written by on July 8th

Works perfect for my husband to do his therapy exercises. Holds him up without any problem.

Aquatic Coordinator
Written by on July 27th

These have a bit more resistance in the water then the previous rings we were using. Durability seems better too. We are looking forward to including these in our aquatic classes

Written by on May 5th

Excellent equipment . Really gives you a work out

Review Title
Written by on December 2nd

They are pretty large, but work. I would like to find more arm aquatic smaller floaties. do you know anywhere we can purchase them? I teach a backbuilders water exercise class and need more floaties. thank you

Thera float
Written by on October 2nd

Love them ! Used at a therapy pool and wanted them for personal use. Can float and exercise with is ease as it keeps my back straight and loose so it doesn't hurt after exercise!

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