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Water Gear Fingerless Neoprene Water Fitness Gloves

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Neoprene Fingerless Force Gloves

The Water Gear Fingerless Water Fitness Gloves are just one of the many outstanding items that carry the company brand name. The Water Fitness Gloves are made to enhance the performance of anyone engaged in water sports, such as water aerobics, surfing, or swimming. Made from neoprene, they are extremely durable and long lasting, when cared for properly.

50% More Resistance

Move smoothly and quickly through water with these unique swimming gloves. The webbed design allows swimmers to push more volume, propelling them faster in the water. You don't need to paddle as much to cover a set distance as you would barehanded. Moreover, these gloves are not only ideal for swimmers aiming to enhance performance, but helpful for people who are recovering from injuries.

The Water Gear Fingerless Force Gloves allow you to have a great upper body workout. The webbed design provides more resistance (proven to increase hand resistance by 50%), making your muscles work harder each time you paddle out in the water. These gloves are great for both developing and toning your arm and back muscles.

With these water gloves, you don't have to worry about them coming loose even with prolonged use as they are fitted with a side zipper closure with zipper lock. With the adjustable wrist strap that provides additional support, the gloves stay firmly and snugly in place.

The Water Gear Gloves also provide excellent grip as they are covered with a thick and durable neoprene rubber palm in addition to their open finger design, making them perfect for pool games and other water sports where equipment needs to be handled. Also available in a full-finger design for more resistance.

In order to find the correct glove size, you'll want to measure from the bend of your wrist to the tip of your longest finger. Compare this measurement to the size chart below.

Measurements in inches. Color-coded by size.
X-Smallunder 5 1/2"Yellow
Small 5 1/2" to 6 1/2"Turqoise
Medium6 1/2" to 7 1/2"Royal Blue
Large7 1/2" to 8 1/2"Black
X-Large over 8 1/2"Navy

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 10 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Water gloves
Written by on October 23rd

Absolutely love them. They are a great fit and stay tightly on my hands with the zipper and Velcro. Received them in a timely fashion as stated when I paid the [Priority Mail] shipping fee. The prices are very reasonable. Would order from this company again.

Water Gear Fingerless Neoprene Water Fitness Gloves
Written by on October 30th

excellent product, great store, will be a return customer for future equipment

Fitness Glove
Written by on March 18th

I bought these for my friend who had a car accident on Feb. 1 2017. As a result she had severe brain damage, she is unable to keep hands open on her own. These gloves with the webbed fingers have helped. To me it's an excellent product.

Aqua go
Written by on March 25th

The glove are great for aqua resistance training They help the workout.

Fitness Gloves
Written by on October 11th

Great fitting gloves, adds resistance to my water workout . . . my ol lady arms are looking great again!

Just right
Written by on October 21st

When I ordered these I was concern about size because my hands are big but not as long to finger tips following sizing instructions. When I got them they felt small but after one use they fit like a glove ???? I will be back for related needs. Thank you.

Water Gear gloves
Written by on August 5th

I found these gloves years ago and love the style with a zipper. I was sorry to hear that owner was closing the business and hope that someone else will continue to provide these. They are great for water aerobics classes providing additional resistance.

Water Gear gloves
Written by on March 2nd

These are the best aqua gloves I have used, and I have tried several other brands. They have just the right amount of resistance. I get a better workout in a shorter time. They are flexible and not constricting, I can still used the float noodles; easy to put on and take off; the size chart is accurate. I wear the medium but the large size also fits, it offers slightly more resistance, being that it is a larger glove. I alternate them. (My hand size is 7”.) The open finger style allows for the water to release from the hand, and it is good to “feel” the water. In my aquatic exercise class, many years ago, the instructor recommended that we use gloves (the ones we used have been discontinued). These are well designed gloves!

Water Gloves
Written by on June 23rd

The instructor in my water aerobics class wore gloves and recommended them to the class because the gloves give resistance in the water and your muscles work harder. You are more in control and can do the exercises more competently. I love wearing the gloves, I have worn them to water exercise for years, never go without them. These Water Gear gloves are especially good, not too heavy and not too light. The zipper makes them easy off and on. Love them!

Perfect gloves
Written by on July 29th

After searching for and reading about various exercise gloves I"m so glad i chose these! Love these gloves especially the ease of putting these on and off! The color and durability are beautiful too.

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