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Water Gear Lycra Swim Cap

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Water Gear Lycra Cap

The Water Gear Lycra Cap is secure enough to be worn alone or can be paired with any traditional swim cap for a no-snag fit.

Comfortable Long Wear

The Lycra Cap by Water Gear is an extremely lightweight and comfortable swim cap. Made from Lycra, a man-made elastic fiber with unique stretch and recovery properties, the material adds comfort, fit, shape retention, durability and freedom of movement. These malleable properties are quite uncommon in the swim cap world. Most traditional swim caps are made from rubber or silicone. While these materials do a great job streamlining the head and forming a semi-waterproof seal, they aren't always the most comfortable choice. If you are a recreational swimmer looking for more comfort than speed enhancement, the Water Gear Lycra Cap is perfect for you.

Combines Easily With Traditional Caps

Just because the cap wasn't necessarily made for drag reduction doesn't mean that you can't use it in conjunction with other products to shed seconds off your time. Swimmers often wear Lycra caps underneath traditional, stiffer caps. The Water Gear cap can act as a lining to other swim caps to help drag reduction and also keep the cap from painfully snagging hair. The Lycra swim cap lines Water Gear's Latex cap perfectly. The soft, flexible material can help streamline the head's shape and manage long or thick hair when putting on and taking off the rubber cap.

Durably Quality

Even though Lycra is a soft and flexible material, it is still known for its durability. As long as the material is properly cared for, there's no reason that it can last as long, or even outlast, your traditional silicone or rubber swim cap. The three-piece construction helps the material fit to any head shape without over stretching. And the Lycra won't rip like rubber-based caps often do. To keep your Water Gear Lycra Cap as long lasting as possible, wash it with a gentle yet effective solution. Activewear Mate, a specifically formulated detergent that helps remove chlorine and other detrimental chemicals, is the ideal detergent for any and all swimsuits, fabric caps and even sportswear and leotards. And be sure to properly dry your soft cap after every workout. Store all your swim gear in Water Gear's own Swimmer's Backpack. This swim gear bag helps separate your wet and dry items and comes with ventilated pockets for optimal airflow and reduced dry time.

The AquaGear Opinion

Swimmers loved the feel of this Lycra swim cap. Testers in the AquaGear pool found that the Water Gear cap easily slipped on and off of the head and it didn't snag even the longest of hair. Don't expect this cap to be waterproof. The lycra material allows water in to let the swimmer 'feel' the water. But the testers remarked on how well the Water Gear product stayed on thanks to its secure, form-fitting band at the base of the cap.

The Bottom Line

This simple, yet effective, swim cap should be a staple in every swimmer's gear bag. Get the affordable and long-lasting Water Gear Lycra Cap today!

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