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Water Gear Kauai Silicone Snorkel

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Kauai Snorkel

The Water Gear Kauai Snorkel is one of the best 'dry' snorkels around. Its unique features allow its barrel to stay totally dry, no matter how rough or choppy the water may be.

Water-free Barrel

Most traditional snorkels, especially those on the lower end of the price range, simply feature an open barrel. While these are great for a day at the pool or for recreational water sports, basic snorkels don't really work for more serious divers. The Water Gear Kauai Snorkel has a multitude of features that help keep the barrel dry and allows divers to breath comfortably underwater. First and foremost, the Kauai comes with a 'dry valve' feature. Situated on the top of the snorkel's barrel, the 'dry valve' attachment keeps water from entering the snorkel. And while the one-way valve lets in plenty of air, you can rest assured that, no matter how choppy the surf becomes, no water will enter the barrel.

Non-Return Purge Valve

In addition to the 'dry valve' feature located at the top of the snorkel, Water Gear added on a non-return purge valve down towards the mouthpiece. This specially formulated valve allows for quick expulsion, which is necessary in case water slips in your snorkel from your mouthpiece. The 360-degree position mouthpiece moves and forms to your mouth in just about any position. This results in a more comfortable, overall wear and will keep your mouth relaxed for hours of diving on end.

Easy To Fit and Use

While this snorkel is a popular choice among more adventurous divers, it's quite easy to use by anyone looking for a quality, high-end snorkel. The Kauai features a twist loose snorkel keeper, which allows for easy strap mounting. Pair it with the Water Gear Snorkel Keeper, a silicone snorkel keeper that attaches to any swim mask, and you'll be set for your day of diving. Even with the 'dry valve' attachment, the large diameter and flexible barrel allow for greater intake of air and results in easy, unlabored breathing. And no matter where the Kauai snorkel takes you, be sure to always keep it protected on your way. The Water Gear Swimmer's Backpack is made of heavy duty material and large enough to carry all your snorkeling gear. Its wet and dry pockets, along with ventilated side pouches, will help dry your Water Gear snorkel after use.

The AquaGear Opinion

The AquaGear testers got into a tropical state of mind and strapped on the dry silicone snorkel. Swimmers thought that this piece of diving equipment would be great for more serious snorkelers. It tested similar to the Water Gear Silicone Maui Snorkel, although the Kauai comes complete with the added 'dry valve'. Swimmers thought that feature would come in handy for divers that often snorkel or dive in choppy, open water conditions. In addition to the 'dry valve', the purge valve is also perfect for rough surf and makes diving and clearing underwater a breeze. The barrel stayed clear of water, even when fully submerged.

The Bottom Line

If you're a serious diver with serious snorkel needs, you're sure to be fully satisfied by the dry results the Water Gear Kauai Snorkel provides.

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