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Water Gear Crepe Bubble Swim Cap

Due to screen differences, color of actual product may vary slightly.
This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Crepe Bubble Cap

For a more relaxed fit in the pool, without sacrificing performance, turn to the Water Gear Bubble Cap for a great alternative swim cap.

It's All About the Bubbles

While traditional smooth silicone and latex caps do a great job at streamlining your head, they aren't always the most comfortable caps to wear. If your time in the pool is less competitive and more personal fitness goal orientated, then you might be better suited with a crepe cap. The tiny bubbles that cover the top of the cap not only help the overall flexibility of the construction, but they also comfortably streamline your head and hair without fitting too tight or snug. Because the Water Gear cap is so stretchy, it is ideal for holding back thick or long hair. The Bubble Cap uses the same idea behind the Speedo Bubble Silicone Cap, except that the Speedo version does not come with a chinstrap for added security. And if you're not quite ready to jump in head first with the updated retro crepe style, try out the Aqua Sphere Aqua Glide Silicone Swim Cap. It features ergonomic ear pockets that add comfort and help prevent the cap from slipping off. It's a good compromise between a traditional and sleek modern design.

Soft, Snug Fit

Not only do the cap's bubbles expand and form around the head for a snug fit, but Water Gear also designed the cap with a comfortable chinstrap that ensures the cap will remain securely in place. Unlike other caps with chinstraps, the Bubble Cap's is adjustable, durable, and comfortable to wear. For the ultimate soft and snag-free fit, pair the crepe cap with Water Gear's own Lycra Swim Cap. It fits seamlessly under other caps to prevent pulling and snagging hair.

Additional Specs

The Water Gear Bubble Cap is available in purple, white and blue. There are also three size options available; small, medium and large. To determine which size is best for you, measure the circumference of your head, slightly above your ears. Choose the coordinating size with your head measurements. (shown in inches)

Small 20 1/2 to 21 5/8 inches

Medium 22 to 22 3/8 inches

Large 22 3/4 to 23 1/8 inches

The cap will stretch and form to your head's size. But, if you have long or thick hair, consider opting for one size larger than you would normally measure. And if you have thin or short hair, you might be best suited going one size down.

The AquaGear Opinion

Testers in the AquaGear pool immediately noticed how solid and snug the Bubble Cap's chinstrap held the piece in place. In fact, it even helped keep water out and keep swimmers' hair drier than usual. While no cap is made to keep hair 100% dry (they are designed to streamline the head instead), this Water Gear cap does a great job at keeping your head as dry as possible. The traditionally styled cap's tiny air pockets, those formed by the bubbles on the cap, gave testers a bit more warmth and insulation than other smooth caps. This would be an ideal cap for recreational outdoor or cold water swims.

The Bottom Line

No matter if you take part in a water aerobics class or challenge yourself while swimming laps at the local pool, the Water Gear Bubble Cap will help keep your head streamline and your hair as dry as possible. This fun, retro-styled cap is not to be missed!

Keep in mind that the caps are made of latex rubber, and do stretch. Also, if you have long thick hair, you may want to go up one size and if you have short thin hair, you may want to go down one size.

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