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Water Gear Aquaflex Water Resistance Paddles

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Aquaflex Paddles

The Water Gear Aquaflex Paddles are adjustable water fans that can add variable upper body resistance to your aquatic workout. They are great for aqua aerobics and muscle specific arm exercises.

Allows for Variable Resistance

The Aquaflex Paddle's adjustable fan blades open and close to five adjustable levels of resistance, allowing more or less water to flow through the fan and varying the resistance the water fan produces. Depending on the resistance level you choose, you are making your arms work incrementally harder and adding intensity to your aquatic workout.

In addition to the adjustable resistance of the paddles themselves, resistance is variable depending on how fast the fans are propelled through the water. Do your exercises faster to increase the resistance even further, intensifying your workout.

Great Low-Impact Strength Training

Water Gear's Aquaflex Paddles make it easier to focus on technique and movement when engaging in upper body aquatic workouts. These paddles are buoyancy-neutral, meaning that they neither sink nor float. Rather, they allow the user to engage muscles at their will and as a result, achieve a more focused workout. The large handgrips are easy to hold, and great for those with joint problems or arthritis.

Although the Aquaflex Paddles are made of durable heavy-grade plastic, Water Gear throws in a complimentary mesh carrying bag to keep them dry, together and protected.

The Aquaflex Paddles are sold in pairs, and available in blue only. Each paddle is very lightweight, weighing only 7.6 ounces.

If you are searching for upper body aquatic training gear, you might also take a look at the All Pro Aquatic Wrist Weights. These adjustable wrist weights add resistance to your aqua aerobics or aquatherapy. Or the All Pro Weight-A-Band Weighted Aquatic Resistance Tubing offers a unique, aquatic take on exercise bands.

If you like the Water Gear Aquaflex Paddles, you might also like the Hydro-Tone Bells, which are great for upper body strengthening and abdominal conditioning and, like the Aquaflex, you can easily increase the intensity simply by increasing the speed.

The AquaGear Opinion

Though unpadded, the AquaFlex Paddles are comfortable and easy to grip. The minimalist design is not at all bulky, but still provides an excellent workout (and also makes the water fans incredibly lightweight). The Water Gear AquaFlex Paddles are a great, compact alternative to buoys. The adjustable open and close feature does take some getting used to, but the variable resistance gives a more versatile workout than, say, hand buoys.

The Bottom Line

If you are serious about your aquatic workout, you need to add upper body resistance gear to your routine. The AquaFlex Paddles are a simple, effective and versatile way to fully engage your arms against any number of varying resistances.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 29 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Water Resistance Paddles
Written by on March 25th

They are too light-weight and flimsy, unlike what I'm used to the kind provided by my water physical therapist. I've only used once. Very disappointed. I'd like to return them

Great Paddles!
Written by on February 17th

These paddles are very hard to find. I use them for my physical therepy to bulid upper body strength. They are very light weight and the mesh carrying bag is a nice tool, but I have a whole kit. These are good to have since alot of pools, or facilities don't carry this item. I use them under water and act like I am clapping my hands very fast. Trust me you feel that exercise in the morning.

Written by on October 17th

The Aquaflex Paddles are terrific. They provide me the opportunity to continue my aqua therapy on my own. Thank you for this product and the speediness of the transaction.

water gear aquaflex water resistance paddles
Written by on January 17th

The paddles are exactly what i expected. I use them for physical therapy. The quality is great for the money. It was very easy ordering from this vendor. I would order from them again in the future.

aquaflex water restance paddles
Written by on January 27th

very good product and is helping us do therapy in the pool.also very good service from the company

Water Gear Aquaflex Water Paddles
Written by on June 1st

Just what our department needed. Thank you

Aquaflex are the way to go
Written by on June 11th

I tried these at a swim class at the YMCA and loved them so much I had to buy them for myself! They are sturdy and I love how you can change the resistance on them! They give me the best workout!

Written by on July 9th

Great quality and fun to use!

Water paddles
Written by on August 24th

Product delivered as stated. Product works well to continue the exercises I started in physical therapy. Very pleased with product. Would buy again or recommend to friend

my experience
Written by on October 15th

Began using the paddles in PT/Aquatic Therapy sessions. Love that they are so light weight and offer great flexibility as to the amount of resistance an individual can/wishes to use. Much easier to use than weighted Styrofoam barbells.

Great tool
Written by on December 6th

I really like these paddles. They offer a variety of challenge opportunities as I work out and are easy to carry with me.

Travel ready
Written by on February 5th

Love these paddles for water aerobics. Easy to travel with fits in suitcase well.

Love these
Written by on April 16th

I purchased these paddles after using them as a guest at a gym I don't belong to. We had a great workout but my gym doesn't have these paddles. They were delivered very quickly, have a bag to easily store and transport them, and provide a great workout. I alternate water work with weights and it gives me just as good a workout. I would recommend these, especially for people who want to work out but can't do weights.

Great Purchase
Written by on April 30th

Paddles are a great tool for me to use in my water therapy program following back surgery. easy to hold and variable openings allow resistance change. Delivery was quick as promised, great vendor.

Resistance Paddles
Written by on May 14th

Paddles arrived quickly in 2 days - intact, it gives the pool patients exactly what is needed light, medium and heavier resistance. Good value for the price.

Aquaflex Paddles
Written by on May 20th

Great service. Great product. Thank you.

Adjustable paddles- awesome
Written by on June 24th

These paddles are terrific. They are adjustable. I am so glad I bought them. The others I have seen have holes and as such provide less resistance.

Written by on July 2nd

Excellent product, quick delivery and easy purchasing system.

great arm strengthener
Written by on September 2nd

I tried these out at my friend's house and really liked the adjustable resistance that they offer so I bought a pair of my own for my backyard pool and have used them daily. They are sturdy and rugged.

Perfect Pair
Written by on September 17th

I purchased to build strength in my upper arms in the water and so far loving the paddles!!!!!!

Written by on November 20th

We found the product to be well made and the order was fill promptly.

Super arm exerciser
Written by on January 1st

I discovered these paddles at a friend's pool. Loved them - effective and so easy to use. Bought my own pair. And now I bought this most recent pair as a gift to a friend who travels a lot because they are lightweight yet durable and easy to pack!

Awesome tools
Written by on February 10th

I love these for my arthritis aqua classes. Participants can adjust the resistance levels to fit them. They are different from hand buoys/dumbells allowing for variety in resistance equipment.

Love it
Written by on May 5th

Fantastic product. Easy to hold and use. Love the ability to alter difficulty since I am just starting an exercise routine. Would hate to have to purchase other gear as I progress. I am 71 and the others in my group also may switch to your product.

Water Resistance Paddles
Written by on June 2nd

I couldn't wait for the water paddles to come. I use them everyday and now my friends want them.

Water Gear Aquaflex water resistance paddles
Written by on June 26th

I am so glad I purchased the paddles, I use them everyday in water aerobics...they work great!

Aqua paddles
Written by on July 21st

These paddles are the greatest for water exercises.they vary the difficulty of the exercise with the ability to open and close and adjust the openings for more or less resistance and I would recommend them for any age especially older surgical patients needing rehab

Written by on July 21st

They work better than thought they would.

Resistance Paddles
Written by on July 21st

These I ordered because we used them in my PT pool therapy classes. I love that this simple device can be adjusted as you get stronger, and really works the arms and hands -- it also has done wonders for my shoulders - especially the one with a separation in my collar bone that never healed after an MVA -- I use them regularly in my own swim spa therapy program. Love them.

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