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Aqua Earband Aqua Trim Flotation Belt

Due to screen differences, color of actual product may vary slightly.
This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Aqua Trim Flotation Belt

Designed to give aqua joggers maximum range of motion and easy breathing form, the Aqua Trim Flotation Belt provides optimal support and balance while in the water.

Evenly Distributed Support

Unlike other flotation belts that often provide uneven buoyancy, the Aqua Trim Flotation belt gives swimmers even, all around support. Its evenly distributed design helps promote a larger range of motion. This means that you can fully concentrate on working your lower and upper body without having to fidget with a flotation belt that's constantly in the way. The uniform support also makes breathing with the belt on easier. The Aqua Trim Belt is similar to the Hydro-Fit Wave Belt. Also available in various sizes, the Hydro-Fit design was created to provide equal buoyancy on all sides.

Contoured Fit

The Water Gear Aqua Trim Belt is designed to fit just below the rib cage and well above the hips. This placement, which provides optimal lumbar support, helps support your vertebrae that carry the majority of your body's weight. Because of this, the Trim Belt provides unparalleled vertical balance while in the water. It also helps relieve stress on the back and its even distribution can even help strengthen the core and lower back muscles. The belt's positioning also allows for better overall flotation and positioning during water running or aqua aerobics routines. You're sure to love the Water Gear belt's secure fit and shape. But, remember that the belt, while extremely buoyant, should not be used as a safety flotation device.

Measurements in inches.
SMALL 23 8 4.5 1.5 100 - 160 lbs
MEDIUM 29.5 8 4.5 1.5 160 - 220 lbs
LARGE 40 8 4.5 1.5 220+ lbs

Each size comes with a fully adjustable nylon belt. It's easy to buckle and quickly forms to your body's unique size and shape. And if the strap ever needs replacing, Water Gear has you covered with their Flotation Belt Replacement Strap. It's designed to fit both the Water Gear Water Runner Belts and the Aqua Trim Belts.

The AquaGear Opinion

Testers in the AquaGear pool strapped on an Aqua Trim Flotation Belt and hopped in the water to test its buoyancy and design. The first thing that swimmers noticed was how the foam fits evenly around the waist. Most other floatation belts, such as the Water Gear Runner Floatation Belt, rely on unequal float distribution to work. But, the extra dense, slightly less pliable foam used on the Water Gear Trim Flotation Belt was able to support testers evenly and easily. And the AquaGear swimmers really loved the sizing options, which allowed for excellent fit and comfort.

The Bottom Line

For an easy, comfortable flotation belt that won't get in the way of your workout routine, try the Water Gear Aqua Trim and enjoy your time in the water.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 11 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Better than expected!
Written by on July 22nd

Considering the price I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I weigh 130/sz 10 but ordered the medium belt based on the dimensions given over the phone. This belt would be even better if the medium size was 4 inches longer. This one works for me and I do a strenuous work out. there is very little belt slippage and the back support is great.

Great value
Written by on August 17th

This belt gives wonderful back support and allows great buoyancy. My only complaint is that the medium just about fits me and I am a size 8. A size 10 might fit in to a medium. The dimensions for the large are much too big. If you could just extend the size of the small and medium, they would be perfect. Yes, I would buy another one!

Flotation Device
Written by on October 28th

Great item to enhance my aqua jog/water aerobics training. Easily adjusts to fit. No pinching or 'digging' into my side. Helps with my balance.

Excellent product
Written by on November 12th

I ordered this belt after trying and returning a competitors. I LOVE it and use it 5 days a week.

Water Gear Aqua Trim Flotation Belt
Written by on January 23rd

I am a caretaker for a friend who suffered a traumatic brain injury. I purchased the flotation belt to use when I take him to the pool for exercise. It worked great and fit him perfectly. I would recommend this belt to anyone. Thanks!

Written by on February 25th

I ordered this to use for aqua jogging. Although the size recommendation for my weight would be a small, I ordered a medium so it would wrap around my waist more. Glad I did because this is a much better fit. Great product; works well!

Excellent for non-swimmers
Written by on February 28th

I love this belt. I was introduced to it at the VA Hospital in Kansas. I have several service connected injuries and it was difficult to painful trying to do therapy. I was referred to Pool Therapy and progressed to deep water therapy. Only problem is I cannot swim. The staff provide several different types and styles of flotation belts, however the Water Gear Aqua Trim Flotation Belt is amazing. I was able to use it without it hurting my back. Other belts are ok but for me this belt was AWESOME. The other belts were really firm and pushed on my back which was and still is painful, but with the Water Gear belt I was able to do deep water therapy without pain. So I bought one and I use it at our local YMCA pool and I continue what I learned at the VA and have made great progress with the increases ability to move not only in the water but out of it as well.

Key Aqua Therapy Support
Written by on June 29th

I'm just at the beginning of using aqua therapy to strengthen muscle imbalances that developed around a titled pelvis. Currently, I walk backwards, do standing kick moves, and float on my back for simple arm and leg movements. I can float on my back easily with this quality flotation belt. I will also move up to running movements, and I will be able to do them easily also with this belt. I am 5'7' 180 lbs, and the medium size belt fits easily around the back half of my torso, with 5" of excess belt adjustment left. I also have 1.5 lb each ankle weights, fan paddles, and pieces of a noodle I substitute for barbells. The AquaGear customer service people I have spoken were very well informed about Aquagear products, and talking with them made it much easier to choose what gear would help me most.

Aqua trim flotation belt
Written by on August 28th

Top quality belt for my workout. Provides great flotation during exercises. It is comfortable. Shipping was speedy too! Thanks aquagear.com.

Float Belt
Written by on April 14th

Great sizing options and quick delivery can't beat that!

Deep Water Fear relieved by this belt
Written by on July 15th

The bouyancy of the belt and it's tightness gives me a high sense of security and support as I do my water aerobics class in the deep end of the pool I do not want my grandkids to use the excuse if grandpa won't go in deep water, why should I ? Thank you!

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