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Water Gear Aquatic Ankle Weights

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Aquatic Ankle Weights

The Water Gear Ankle Weights are available in three different weight levels to give you a customizable device to strengthen and tone your lower body.

Great for Water Aerobics

The Water Gear Ankle Weights are an excellent way to improve and enhance your existing water aerobics workout. By simply strapping a pair on to your legs, you're able to increase the amount of resistance your lower body receives. Once-simple water jogging movements in the water are now enhanced by the added weights around the ankle. The Water Gear Ankle Weights are designed to work great with water walking, water jogging, leg lifts and nearly any other water-based exercise. For a complete workout, try pairing the Water Gear Ankle Weights with their upper body partner, the Water Gear Wrist Weights. They are available in 1lb, 2lb, or 3lb pairs and can help add load-bearing exercises to your arms, chest, back and shoulders.

Available in Various Weights

While the Water Gear Ankle Weights aren't adjustable, they are available in a few different sizes. There is the light 3lb pair, which divides to 1.5lbs per leg. The medium weighted size delivers 5lbs total, or 2.5lbs per leg. And the large 10lb weights add a whopping 5lbs to each ankle. The various sizes allow you to control just how hard you want to work your lower body. If you're looking for an ankle weight that comes with adjustable weights, try the All Pro Aquatic Ankle Weights. These 5lb weights (2.5 lbs for each leg) are extremely high quality. They come with removable weights in 5 oz. increments for a fully customizable workout with just one pair.

Comfortable to Wear

The Water Gear Ankle Weights are covered in durable, yet comfortable, neoprene jackets. This helps the weights avoid water logging, as well as remain soft against the skin. The weights fasten onto the leg with an adjustable strap closure with buckle. This keeps the weight in place no matter how rigorous your workout becomes. To maximize the ankle weights' comfort, try wearing them with the Hydro-Fit Comfort Cuffs. Thin and lightweight, the Comfort Cuffs are worn under the weight and help guard against chaffing around the delicate ankle skin.

The AquaGear Opinion

AquaGear testers were in for a real workout when they tried out these heavy-duty ankle weights. Testers founds that the weights, especially the heavier increments, really added a great deal of lower body resistance to their water workouts. In fact, the heaviest set is only recommended for experienced water aerobics participants and should not generally be used for swimming. The ankle weights were found to be ideal for water walking, aerobics and other low impact water exercises. To keep the weights lasting as long as possible, be sure to rinse them with fresh water after each and every use. And while the Water Gear devices are durable, overly excessive force − such as throwing them about on dry land − can cause their bladder to break and the weighted material to spill out.

The Bottom Line

If your legs are ready for the ultimate weighted exercise routine, then you're ready for the heavy-duty Water Gear Ankle Weights.

Weights per Pair

Total Weight of Both WeightsWeight on Each Ankle
3lb1.5 lb each
5lb2.5 lb each
10lb5 lb each

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Written by on October 24th

just what I expected, works well

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