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Water Flotation Belts

Why use a Flotation Belt?

Water Exercise Belts, or Aqua Belts are a crucial piece of equipment for a water exercise program.

Flotation belts can be used around the waist in deep or shallow water. Water Belts provide flotation for vertical positioning and help the athlete with correct alignment. They are often used for core stability or trunk stabilization when exercising.

Benefits of Water Belts

The benefits of using Water Exercise Belts include stability during the water exercise routines, and a reduction of weight on the joints. Deep water exercise with the legs suspended allows a variety of exercises without strain on the back and legs.

Water Aerobics Belts are useful for rehabilitation as well as general fitness. Injured runners and other athletes have used Floatation Belts to allow quicker recovery and an earlier return to activity - contact your physician before starting any water exercise program.

Low Impact Water Jogging

Water Jogging is a form of deep water exercise which focuses on using a running motion. Extremely aerobic (or anaerobic depending on intensity) running in the pool with an aqua belt provides exercise without the jarring and joint degradation that hard surface running can cause. An added benefit of water jogging is keeping cool. A good quality Water Belt is necessary for aqua running. Adding a water belt hitch to tether you to a ladder or other pool feature can keep you in one place or you can move slowly around the pool as you water jog.

Anatomy of a Water Belt

Most Water Flotation Belts are constructed of foam; some are bare foam, and some feature a fabric cover which will prevent wear and tear to the foam. Extra buoyancy modules, for those who don't float well, will add additional buoyancy when needed.

Belts such as the AquaJogger Belts have a raised back that provides additional core support; other are straight across the back as some water exercisers prefer not to have the additional pressure in the lower back.

AquaGear carries aqua aerobic belts from AquaJogger, Aqua Sphere, Hydro-Fit, Zulu Fitness Systems, Speedo, WaterGear, and more.

Remember that water belts are not intended as life saving devices and non swimmers should not depend on them solely for deep water support. Always use your aqua belt with others or in the vicinity of a life guard.

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