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Speedo Bullet Swim Goggles
Speedo Bullet Swim Goggles

Speedo Bullet Goggles feature unique gaskets - unlike any we've seen before. Made with patented Elastomeric™ technology, this high-end feature reduces frame pressure around the eyes, resulting in a more comfortable seal and the minimized appearance of goggle rings. While Elastomeric™ technology cushions the eye, the durable TPR frame offers flexibility, rather than rigidity, for a custom fit.

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Speedo MDR 2.4 Swim Goggles
Speedo MDR 2.4 Swim Goggles

The Speedo MDR 2.4 Goggles are one of the most comfortable pairs on the market, thanks to their patented low-suction seals and flexible one-piece frame. Curved, low-drag lenses make the MDR 2.4 ideal for both fitness swimming and competitive events. The MDR's are also equipped with Speedo's newly-patented Elastomeric™ technology, which reduces pressure on the face and keeps unsightly goggle rings to a minimum.

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Speedo Caliber Swim Mask
Speedo Caliber Swim Mask

The Speedo Caliber Mask is a great choice for fitness and endurance swimmers looking for a comfortable, low-suction goggle that looks as slick as it feels. Speedo's 2014 line of goggles and masks features patented Elastomeric™ gasket technology. The accordian-esque silicone ridges expand and contract to create a watertight seal with very little pressure on the face and around the delicate under-eye region. Less pressure means a more comfortable, long-wearing fit.

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Speedo Speed Socket Polarized
Speedo Speed Socket Polarized

The Speedo Speed Socket Polarized is sleek, optically perfect and the latest addition to Speedo's line of competition swim goggles. The Speed Socket's Polarized lens technology filters out the glare from both direct natural light and reflective surfaces. This polarized polycarbonate lens reduces eye strain and remains clear after hours in the water, and is built into a sleek, ultra low-profile frame for minimal drag.

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Speedo Offshore Open Water Swim Goggles
Speedo Offshore Open Water Swim Goggles

Specifically designed for endurance swimmers and triathletes, the Speedo Offshore Goggles can really stand up to the tests of open water swimming. The pair is equipped with extra wide panoramic lenses. Not only do these help competitive swimmers keep an eye on the competition, but they also help keep them on track by allowing them to easily sight course markings. While the lenses are wide, the Offshore Goggle’s one-piece frame remains low to the face for an ultra streamline feel.

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Aqua Sphere Kaiman Small Fit
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Small Fit Swim Goggles

Aqua Sphere's Kaiman Small Fit goggle provides the same outstanding performance as the original Kaiman goggle but is designed specifically for youth swimmers and those with smaller faces. This goggle is perfect for competitions, triathlons, and fitness alike. The most unique feature of the Kaiman Small Fit goggle is its remarkably wide range of vision. The goggle offers 180 degree panoramic vision − a feature usually only found in swim masks.

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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles
Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggles are designed for tri-athletes and competitive swimmers who want a wider field of vision than a traditional swim goggle, but with a more streamlined design than a snorkel mask. These hybrid goggles offer the best of both worlds, combining a sleek, modern frame with wider lenses designed to give the swimmer full, 180-degree vision.

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Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Swim Goggles

Aqua Sphere's Kaiman goggle is perfect for both competitive swimmers and fitness junkies alike. The standard Kaiman goggle boasts an expanded field of vision and superior comfort compared with other goggles of its kind. The frame, which is small in order to reduce drag, allows for 180 degree, panoramic vision − a rare quality in a goggle. This goggle exemplifies Aqua Sphere's commitment to both form and function.

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Aqua Sphere Vista Mask
Aqua Sphere Vista Swim Mask

Aqua Sphere's Vista goggle (pronounced "Vis-Duh") is a perfect fit for triathletes and fitness swimmers alike. It is a hybrid of goggle and mask − making it a product that is both practical and attractive. Manufactured in Italy, the goggle offers the wide lens of a mask with the contour of a goggle. The shape of the goggle allows for maximum comfort while giving the swimmer a surprisingly broad range of vision. The Vista Swim Goggle is unique in its frame design.

26 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Seal 2.0
Aqua Sphere Seal 2.0

The Aqua Sphere Seal Mask 2.0 takes all the great aspects of the brand's original Seal Mask and updates it with newer, more modern features. Essentially, the Seal Mask 2.0 is a lighter and more streamline version of the original mask. Its renewed design combines the best features of a mask and goggle to create a hybrid device. It seamlessly blends the comfort and visibility of a mask with the streamline profile of a swim goggle.

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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Small Fit
Aqua Sphere Kayenne Small Fit Swim Goggle

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Small Fit Goggles are ideal for athletes and competitive swimmers with smaller faces. The Kayenne small fit goggle is 20 percent smaller than the original Kayenne goggle. This swim goggle mirrors its predecessor in that the hydrodynamic microframe is designed to keep the surface of the goggle close to the face, reducing drag on the swimmer.

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Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady Swim Goggles

Aqua Sphere's Kaiman Lady goggle offers the same comfort and durability as the original Kaiman swim goggle, but is designed to accommodate the smaller facial features of a woman. This goggle is perfect for female swimmers of all kinds – particularly those looking for a competition or fitness goggle. The Kaiman Lady goggle guarantees a comfortable swimming experience no matter the circumstances.

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Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggle
Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Swim Goggle

The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady goggle is ideal for female athletes and competitive swimmers. The same shape and size as the Kayenne Small Fit goggle, the Kayenne Lady swim goggle is designed to maximize wearability and comfort for the naturally smaller face of a female. Although smaller than the original Kayenne goggle, the Ladies' version still offers a panoramic 180 degree field of vision. Produced in Italy, the Kayenne Lady swimming goggle is highly durable and surprisingly comfortable.

15 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo Swim Goggle
Aqua Sphere Kaiman Exo Swim Goggle

Using cutting-edge technology, Aqua Sphere has taken their widely popular Kaiman series to new heights with the introduction of the first-of-its-kind Kaiman EXO Goggle. The Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO Goggle is set to revolutionize the one-piece goggle. This ultra streamline goggle is the first to sport the brand's newly developed EXO-core bi-material frame technology.

12 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Seal XP
Aqua Sphere Seal XP Swim Mask

Aqua Sphere's Seal XP goggle outperforms the competition in a myriad of ways. The low-impact, full-vision design is perfect for triathletes, competitive swimmers, and recreational swimmers alike. The wider frame of this goggle allows the Seal XP to fit like a mask while remaining streamlined like a goggle − enhancing both the comfort and long-term wearability of the goggle. Each of Aqua Sphere's goggles are produced in Italy using quality, patented materials.

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Aqua Sphere Vista Lady Mask
Aqua Sphere Vista Lady Swim Mask

Aqua Sphere's Vista Lady goggle mimics the original Vista Goggle but is specially designed for the smaller features of a woman. This goggle, made in Italy, is ideal for triathletes and fitness swimmers because it offers a wider, more comfortable frame. This mask-goggle hybrid offers 180 degree panoramic vision as well as the close-to-the-face contour of a goggle. The lens of the Vista Lady is uniquely crafted to ensure both a wide range of vision and a sleek, comfortable fit.

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Aqua Sphere Seal XP Lady
Aqua Sphere Seal XP Lady Swim Mask

Aqua Sphere's Seal XP Lady Goggle is designed exclusively for the female face. Like the Seal XP swim mask, the XP Ladies is also ideal for swimmers of all types, recreational and athletes alike. This women's goggle combines the wide, sweeping lens of a mask with the sleek, streamlined performance of a goggle, exemplifying Aqua Sphere's commitment to both form and function.

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Barracuda Fenix Swim Goggle
Barracuda Fenix Performance Goggle

Barracuda USA - the vanguard of optical solutions for swimmers - combined the latest in materials and design to bring you a lightweight and outstandingly comfortable performance goggle: the Fenix. Each and every element in the Fenix' design reflects its specialized fabrication process. TriFusion Frame technology gives the Barracuda Fenix a low-volume gasket - meaning it eliminates drag and prevents leaking, all while using very minimal suction.

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Cressi Flash Swim Goggles
Cressi Flash Swim Goggles

Endorsed by Italian free diver, Umberto Pelizzari, Cressi Flash Goggles make for an impressively comfortable swim. Made in Italy by the renowned Cressi family, Flash adult goggles feature soft, silicone gaskets and a flexible one-piece frame. That means less adjustment and more pool time. Flash goggles also come standard with a protective, plastic case and pre-applied anti-fog coating.

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Cressi Saturn Swim Mask
Cressi Saturn Swim Mask

Cressi's Saturn Crystal swim mask is a more comfortable alternative to a tight-fitting goggle and relieves pressure from the under-eye. Swimmers who suffer from painful goggle rings: rejoice! Made in Italy by the Cressi family, the Saturn swim mask is a solid and reliable mask with plenty of thoughtful features. The large silicone gaskets make this goggle an easy fit for nearly any face shape.

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Barracuda Predator Goggles
Barracuda Predator Swim Mask

Barracuda's Predator Swim Mask is designed to be a hybrid of a swim mask and goggle. It has a larger field of vision than a goggle without using suction to create a seal, yielding a comfortable and crystal clear swim for open water swimmers and triathletes. This latex-free goggle is designed with comfort in mind. The Barracuda Predator features a super soft "positive pressure" frame which creates a leak-proof seal without suction.

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Finis Surge Polarized Goggles
Finis Surge Polarized Open Water Goggles

The Finis Surge Polarized Goggle is the ideal choice of eyewear for any open water swimmer or avid triathlete. It seamlessly combines unbeatable visual clarity with a waterproof, form fitting shape. Together, the two trademark features make the Finis an open water goggle that's hard to beat. The most important feature that an open water goggle must provide is a waterproof, clear view of underwater and above water surroundings.

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Triathlon Goggles

Swim goggles are an absolute necessity for every level triathlete. Swim goggles and masks help swimmers to keep their eyes irritant-free and allow triathletes to keep a close eye on their competition.

What To Look For

Because one third of each race is spent in the water, triathletes need a pair of goggles that's comfortable to wear throughout "the swim". In fact, the swimming portion of the race can last the longest and require the most functional, well-fitting equipment. Choose a pair of goggles or a swim mask that fits the lines of your face. You'll want to find something that's able to create a tight, waterproof seal that won't budge during any portion of the race. Goggles that sit closer to the face offer higher levels of streamline shape, while wider goggles offer a more panoramic view.

Lens Options

Manufacturers know that open water swimming can take place in a wide variety of environments. That's why triathlon-appropriate goggles are available with a few different lens color options. Clear lenses are generally better suited for indoor use, but can also work well in low-lit outdoor conditions as well. Tinted goggles, often found in amber, blue or smoke colors, help protect eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. And mirrored goggles are another popular choice. They're great for extremely bright and sunny conditions.

Goggles vs. Mask

While goggles and masks can both be used during triathlons, there are a few considerations to take into account before choosing your ideal option. Goggles, which feature smaller lenses and a more compact frame, are usually chosen for indoor races. And swim masks, those that can offer a more comfortable, secure fit with a panoramic view, are often chosen for open water races. Mask-goggle hybrids are a popular choice among all levels of triathletes because they combine the best of both worlds. No matter what is recommended for your event, always pick a solidly built piece of equipment that will remain reliable all the way to the finish line.

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