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Triathlon Goggles

Swim goggles are an absolute necessity for every level triathlete. Swim goggles and masks help swimmers to keep their eyes irritant-free and allow triathletes to keep a close eye on their competition.

What To Look For

Because one third of each race is spent in the water, triathletes need a pair of goggles that's comfortable to wear throughout "the swim". In fact, the swimming portion of the race can last the longest and require the most functional, well-fitting equipment. Choose a pair of goggles or a swim mask that fits the lines of your face. You'll want to find something that's able to create a tight, waterproof seal that won't budge during any portion of the race. Goggles that sit closer to the face offer higher levels of streamline shape, while wider goggles offer a more panoramic view.

Lens Options

Manufacturers know that open water swimming can take place in a wide variety of environments. That's why triathlon-appropriate goggles are available with a few different lens color options. Clear lenses are generally better suited for indoor use, but can also work well in low-lit outdoor conditions as well. Tinted goggles, often found in amber, blue or smoke colors, help protect eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. And mirrored goggles are another popular choice. They're great for extremely bright and sunny conditions.

Goggles vs. Mask

While goggles and masks can both be used during triathlons, there are a few considerations to take into account before choosing your ideal option. Goggles, which feature smaller lenses and a more compact frame, are usually chosen for indoor races. And swim masks, those that can offer a more comfortable, secure fit with a panoramic view, are often chosen for open water races. Mask-goggle hybrids are a popular choice among all levels of triathletes because they combine the best of both worlds. No matter what is recommended for your event, always pick a solidly built piece of equipment that will remain reliable all the way to the finish line.

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