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Training Fins

Whether you're looking to increase leg strength, quicken your kick's tempo, work on cardio levels, or simply move faster through the water, training fins can help you become a better, overall swimmer. With so many options available through AquaGear, you're sure to find a pair of fins to meet your training needs.

Leg Strength

Fins that displace a high level of water will not only propel you faster through the water, but will also require your legs to work significantly harder. Training fins are a great way to increase leg strength in the water. Strength training with fins allows you to work your leg muscles for longer periods of time without overtiring the rest of your body. Look for fins that feature wide, short to medium length blades to really build long, lean, swim-specific muscles. Long blades provide too much resistance and are generally not recommended for swim training purposes.

Cardio Endurance

Next to muscle building, cardio endurance is one of the best things that swim fins can help you to improve while in the water. Short bladed, compact training fins are excellent at working on cardio levels because they work muscles throughout the body by increasing your foot's surface area. This allows your legs to work harder and engages your entire musculature while in the water. That, in turn, ups your heart rate to optimal cardio endurance training levels. Training fins can also help you with weight loss, as elevated heart rates will lead to fat loss.

Stroke Improvement

There are also many training fins available that can help swimmers fine tune their stroke. Fins that feature positive buoyancy will help elevate the legs and seamlessly place the body into the correct horizontal position. Over time, these types of training fins can help swimmers move more efficiently through the water.

Choosing A Training Fin

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a specific training fin. Comfort and fit, along with a fin's specific purpose, should be a the top of any swimmer's list. A closed-heel design must match a person's foot size almost exactly, but they are available in a wide range of sizes. Fins that feature open-heeled backs are often unavailable in a wide range of size options, but are able to adapt to variations in foot size. No matter what style of training fin you decide on, be sure to pick a pair that's durable, comfortable, and meets your training needs.

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