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Aquatic Therapy

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About Aquatic Therapy

Rehabilitate Your Body, Mind, and Soul

Through a variety of targeted exercises and specialized methods, aquatic therapy programs can help you achieve vast improvements in pain sensitivity, muscle and bone strength, and overall flexibility and range of motion.

Our product specialists make it their goal to help practitioners and patients alike enjoy the natural, soothing properties of water and use them in custom therapy programs to help rehabilitate, reawaken, and reinvigorate the body. But, because every injury or disability is unique, please consult with your doctor or physical therapist before purchasing equipment or starting a new routine.

Something for Everyone

Water therapy is ideal for patients with a very wide range of injuries, diseases, and disabilities. Aquatic therapy programs can be easily adapted for all ages and skill levels. Best of all, you don't even have to know how to swim to perform most of the exercises done during water therapy sessions.

Water is a particularly regenerative environment because its buoyancy takes the stress of gravity off healing injuries. By lessening compressive forces, water makes exercises much easier to perform than on dry land. Water therapy is ideal for patients suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis, injuries to muscles such as strains or pulls, stroke recovery, and those rehabilitating old injuries, such as healing fractures and chronic back pain.

The Naturally Healing Powers of Water

Besides creating an almost weightless environment, exercising in water helps relax tensed, tired muscles. Water also stimulates your body's awareness and increases circulation to the arms and legs. And, most importantly to patients themselves, water's buoyancy and all−encompassing support helps reduce pain sensitivity. While patients love being able to workout virtually pain free, therapists enjoy seeing a boost in patient morale and confidence.

Types of Water Therapy

Among the many water therapy programs, here are a few methods that we can help you outfit.

Ai Chi

Drawing inspiration from Tai Chi, Ai Chi is a unique water therapy program that helps patients enjoy the water in a flowing yet powerful progression. Consisting essentially of broad movements and deep breathing performed in shoulder deep water, Ai Chi can help patients manage pain, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, anxiety, and many other physical and mental ailments.

Because the program is usually self-guided, our Ai Chi resources are invaluable to participants, or even instructors, when they need a quick refresher on a movement or two. To get a full sense of the program, try exercising with a waterproof MP3 player, which can help you enjoy the soothing sounds of Ai Chi music while in the water.

Bad Ragaz Ring Method

Named after the soothing, Swiss waters where the program began, the Bad Ragaz Ring Method is a form of hands−on therapy that requires a therapist or provider's assistance. Through verbal and visual instruction, the patient is led through a series of movements while being supported horizontally in the water with the help of rings or floats.

AquaGear can keep your Bad Ragaz session afloat with the help of buoyant flotation collars, which support the head and neck. Support your extremities with a durable pool noodle or even a set of buoyant resistance cuffs.

Aquatic Feldenkrais

Named after Moshe Feldenkrais, an Israeli physicist and founder of the Feldenkrais Method, Aquatic Feldenkrais places emphasis on increasing self−awareness through movement. This guided exploratory process helps patients reduce pain and increase the ease and pleasure of movement.

Enhance the feel of the water with small, drag-inducing devices, such as swim gloves and mini ankle cuffs. These low-resistance products pair well with the slow, purposeful movements required by the Feldenkrais method.

Watsu & Water Dance

Watsu is a hands-on therapy program where the provider floats, cradles, rocks, and stretches the patient, which results in deeply relaxed muscles and flexibility improvements. Watsu is ideal for patients in need of stress release, relaxation, and increased mobility and flexibility.

If you're a Watsu practitioner, keep a pair of extremity floats on hand to keep your hands free for adjusting patients. As a Watsu patient, a pair of nose clips will block water from entering the nose, especially during underwater movements, like those performed in Wassertanzen sessions.

We're Here to Equip Your Rehab Program

Our wide array of water therapy equipment allows you to safely and securely rehabilitate in the pool.

Floats, such as collars, jog belts, and extremity floats, keep your head above water when performing deep water movements or lying horizontally during a session. Patients will feel supported and at ease with the assistance of a flotation device.

Strength training during therapy programs is also easy with the help of our weights, buoys, swim gloves and cuffs. These devices use resistance to gently add load−bearing weight to muscle groups throughout the body.

For a fun, unique therapy session, try incorporating a balance board into your routine. Going way beyond a traditional kickboard, a balance board's V-shape allows patients to work on core strength, balance, and coordination.

Our water therapy equipment is designed and manufactured by some of the top therapy brands in the world. Swimming giants like Hydro-Fit, AquaJogger, All Pro and Water Gear have recognized the power of aquatic therapy and fit key rehabilitation pieces into their line of swim and exercise gear.

Once you're ready to begin, AquaGear can help you outfit your entire program for the best chance of success. If you have the go−ahead from your doctor, give us a call for specialized product recommendations. Let us equip your home or facility for rehabilitative success!

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