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Swimsuit Cleaner

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Swimsuit Cleaner

Tired of replacing your swimwear year after year? Got a case of 'saggy suit'? Chlorine is to blame for the premature loss of your favorite swimwear. But it can be prevented.

What's happening to my swimsuit?

Leaving your swimsuit to dry on its own accord is just asking for trouble. Without rinsing it directly after use, chlorine begins to break down the Lycra and rubber fibers of the suit, ruining its once-youthful elasticity. Not only that, you'll also lose the vibrancy of colors due to chlorine bleaching and mineral deposits from hard water.

How can I extend my suits' life?

If nothing else, take the time to rinse your jammers or suit in fresh water right after your swim. If you shower after your workout, wear your suit into the shower and take it off after you've rinsed your body. For extra protection, rinse your suit in a leave-in chlorine-combating swimwear cleaner by Activewear Mate which seals the fibers from damage during your next swim.

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