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Swimming Equipment

Gear for competition, fitness, or just for fun!
Swim Gear

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About Swimming Equipment

Love to swim? We've got you covered. Our collection of amazing swim gear will help you realize your swim potential, stay motivated and enjoy every stroke.

Training Equipment for Competitive Swimmers

Are you in it to win it? We have everything you need to gain a competitive advantage. You'll shave valuable seconds off your time as you work out with our full range of swim training equipment.

Whether you're a triathlete, a student competing in meets, or a world-class professional swimmer, we have products to boost your skills to the next level.

Our swim fins, kickboards, swim paddles and pull buoys help you focus on a particular aspect of your stroke. Maybe you want to concentrate on your pushoffs. Or your streamlines could be stronger, and your breakouts could be faster. These tools will get you there!

Our swim snorkels are perfect for training. They allow you to perform practice drills for kick and stroke improvement without thinking about breathing. And you can look and feel your best with our competition swimwear, ideal for training and for race day, too!

Track Your Swim Performance

The more you know; the faster you'll go! The right data will make you a better swimmer. Check out our lap counters and stopwatches. Our metronomes will help you develop consistency and discover your perfect pace.

Bring it all together with a performance monitor. Use these state-of-the-art tools to record your swim sessions. You'll get detailed data that keeps you on track with your training goals. When you train smarter, you win more!

Swim for Fitness

Looking for an aquatic workout? You don't have to be a competitive swimmer to reap the many benefits of swimming. It's great cardio exercise and increases your endurance level.

A swim workout boosts metabolism, burns fat and firms muscle, all without putting stress on your joints. Make your swim workout more fun with our waterproof MP3 players with waterproof ear buds. They're perfect for water aerobics and swimming laps. The music helps you stay motivated and keep up the pace.

Because water is almost 800 times denser than air, every kick and stroke is a resistance workout for your entire body−especially your abs, hips, arms, shoulders and glutes. Best of all, unlike running and weight training, you can swim every day without risking injury.

Swimming Just for Fun

For the recreational swimmer, we have plenty of great gear too. Maybe you just want to have fun in the water or kick back and relax. Try our ultra-comfortable swim masks for great underwater vision without discomfort. Or treat yourself to a quick-drying chamois towel. Perfect for the pool and perfectly space-saving.

We also have many swim items just for kids, including many toys and games. They're great for the pool, lake or ocean.

Take Care When You Swim

No matter what type of swimmer you are − competitive, fitness or recreational − we have some great swim products that will work for you.

Our swim goggles and masks keep your eyes clear as you glide across the water. They protect your eyes from chemical irritation, (no more burning or stinging!) and increase vision clarity. Choose from lots of different models to fit your face and personal style.

We have competition goggles for racers who want to keep a low profile, comfortable models for exercise swimmers, and stylish goggles for swimmers who want to look cool in the pool.

Our swim caps reduce drag for a more hydro-dynamic swim that will shave crucial seconds off your heat time. But they're not just functional. Some of our swim caps make a fashion statement, too. Yes, they're that chic!

Don't forget to protect the health of your ears and nose. Swimmer's ear and sinus irritation are common ailments that can often be prevented. We carry ear plugs, ear bands, ear drops and nose clips so you can swim worry free.

Quality Swim Products

At AquaGear, before adding a product to our catalog, we try it ourselves in our private test pool. That way we can ensure that only the highest quality merchandise is sold through our online swim shop.

Our employees at AquaGear are swim instructors (AquaGear even has a swim school!), former lifeguards, competitive swimmers, and water exercise instructors. By testing products ourselves, we have hands-on knowledge of the products and can help you choose items that best fit your needs. Don't hesitate to ask us for help!

At AquaGear, we're always adding new products year round from top swim manufacturers like Speedo, Water Gear, Finis, Aqua Sphere, TYR and Barracuda, so be sure to check back often.

Most of our swimming equipment comes in a variety of styles and colors. We like to offer you choices whenever possible. And many items come in both adult and youth sizes.

If there's a swim product you can't find in our online store, please let us know. We're willing to research it, and we're often able to obtain special items that aren't part of our regular inventory. Just ask!

AquaGear is your swimming resource. It's our mission to have everything you need to get the most out of your swimming experience here in our online swim shop. Whether you're a recreational swimmer, a fitness swimmer, or a competitive swimmer with your eye on the gold, you'll rule the pool with our quality swim gear!

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