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About Swim Training Equipment

Whether you're training for a triathlon, marathon swim, or sprint race, AquaGear has everything you need to boost strength, speed, and stamina in the pool. Our hand-picked collection of swim training gear is the finest on the market.

Time to train? Our sleek racing goggles from trusted brands like Speedo, Aqua Sphere, and Barracuda will allow you to keep an eye on the competition while training or competing. And your feet can get in on the action too thanks to our wide selection of swim fins. No matter your stroke of choice, AquaGear has a pair of training fins that's practically made for your stroke, speed, and goals.

Practice gear and drill-specific swim equipment is equally as crucial to a stroke well-swam. Kickboards are a must for any swimmer to float the upper body and allow for full focus on kick tempo and technique. Training your upper body can be just as easy with the help of a swim paddle or pull buoy. While swim paddles add load-bearing resistance to your stroke, a contoured pull buoy can take your legs out of the equation to allow you to focus solely on your arms, back, and chest.

Serious about swim training? Swim snorkels and swim tethers deliver a heart pounding cardio workout. Swim snorkels work by removing the breath from your stroke, making your swim a non-stop workout. If worn with a cardio top, swim snorkels decrease the amount of air your body receives, which, like high altitude training, forces it to work harder with less oxygen. A swim tether is able to turn any sized pool into an endless cardio workout by holding you fast.

High tech swim accessories track your progress to help you gain on the competition, or even just allow you to surpass your own personal best. Stopwatches are a must for any serious swimmer or coach. Lap counters are invaluable to long distance and endurance swimmers and metronomes can help any level swimmer even out their stroke tempo and speed. For those really wanting to take their training to the next level, advanced swim computers and monitors can provide them with the full picture, graphed for visualizing progress.

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