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Speedo Bullet Swim Goggles Speedo
Bullet Swim Goggles
100+ In Stock
Speedo Hydrospex Goggles Speedo
Hydrospex Classic Goggles
15 In Stock
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$14.71 You Save 13%
Speedo Caliber Swim Mask Speedo
Caliber Swim Mask
11 In Stock
Speedo Goggle Case Speedo
Goggle Case
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Aqua Sphere Seal 2.0 Aqua Sphere
Seal 2.0
22 In Stock
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Aqua Sphere Vista Jr Aqua Sphere
Vista Jr Swim Mask
20 In Stock
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Aqua Sphere K-180 Mirror Swim Goggles Aqua Sphere
K-180 Mirrored Goggle
6 In Stock
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Barracuda Medalist Optical Grade Goggles Barracuda
Medalist Optical Grade Swim Goggles
100+ In Stock
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$36.95 You Save 12%
Barracuda Wire Mask Barracuda
Wire Swim Mask
100+ In Stock
Barracuda Goggle Case Barracuda
Swim Goggle Case
100+ In Stock
Barracuda Triton Goggle Barracuda
Triton Goggle
100+ In Stock
Barracuda Bliss Swim Goggle Barracuda
Bliss Swim Goggle
100+ In Stock

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Swim Goggles

AquaGear® Swim Shop carries a wide selection of Swim Goggles, including Speedo®, Aqua Sphere®, Barracuda® and more! We'll help you find the perfect pair to suit your swimming needs.

Why Wear Goggles?

There are so many benefits to wearing goggles, that they almost go without saying. First and foremost, goggles help protect your eyes from irritants found in pool, ocean, and even fresh waters. Additives such as chlorine and salt can bother delicate eyes and distract swimmers from the task at hand. Wearing goggles will help keep eyes irritant-free and allow you to see more clearly in the water. Even if the water doesn't irritate your eyes, swim goggles can help you achieve a more streamline profile and enhance your underwater view. Goggles are designed to improve your vision, eliminate distortion, and allow swimmers to see clearly... all the way to the finish line! And remember: Manufacturers recommend that swim goggles never be worn more than 2 meters below the surface as water pressure may cause goggles to have adverse affects on the eyes.

If You're a Recreational Swimmer

Recreational goggles are ideal for swimmers who prefer to wear protective eyewear in and around the pool, but who don't require a streamline fit. These types of goggles are usually very affordable, extremely comfortable to wear, and can fit a wide range of face sizes and shapes. Recreational swimming goggles and masks typically feature large lenses and comfortable, cushioned gaskets. While they may not be the ideal goggle for race day, recreational goggles and masks can help you better enjoy your day at the pool, beach, river, lake or anywhere else comfortable, well-fitting goggles are needed.

If You're a Competitive Swimmer

Competitive swimmers need goggles that are made for speed! If you swim for fitness or competition, look for goggles that are low profile and streamline. A swim goggle that helps you reduce drag will allow you to better slice through the water. Competition swim goggles typically features smaller, lower sitting lenses, a form fitting frame with little to no gasket, and a quality head strap.

If You're an Open Water Swimmer

Open water goggles are typically a little larger than both recreational and competition models. A wider lens allows open water swimmers to see more clearly in low-lit environments. But, that doesn't mean that open water swimmers have to rely on bulky masks to get the job done. Mask-goggle hybrids are popular amongst high level endurance swimmers and triathletes because they're able to provide both an extra wide field of vision and a low profile fit. In fact, these types of larger, mask-like eyewear are also ideal for kids and recreational swimmers because they give swimmers unparalleled comfort and panoramic vision.

Kid's Goggles

In order for goggles to work efficiently, they must fit a person's face properly. This is especially important for kids, who have smaller, more delicate facial features. AquaGear has plenty of kid-sized goggle and mask options for your junior swimmer. All the available models are designed to fit and form to a child's face. Wearing a goggle that's suited for smaller faces will allow your child to avoid leaks, slips, and other common ill-fitting goggle maladies. Also, teens and adults with petite faces can enjoy a solid fitting goggle by using a versatile junior goggle or a specially designed women's goggle.

Lens Options

When it comes to lens type, color is key. Clear lenses are by far the most prominent and popular. They work in a wide variety of environments and are great for all types of swimmers. Mirrored lenses are perfect for bright, outdoor conditions, while tinted lenses can help enhance a swimmer's eyesight and depth perception in an array of underwater environments. If you happen to wear prescription contacts or glasses, goggles with diopter lenses are also widely available. They help match your existing prescription and allow you to see clearer in and out of the water.

Goggle Care & Accessories

To keep your brand new pair looking great and lasting as long as possible, be sure to check out all the full line of goggle care items and replacement accessories right here on AquaGear.com. Hard covered cases are ideal to have on hand if you store your swim goggles in a crowded backpack or gear bag. They not only help protect your goggles and masks from scratches and dings, but most are designed to help promote proper airflow for quicker drying times. In addition to cases, replacement goggle straps, spare parts, and hard working anti-fog solutions can help you make the most out of your new pair of goggles.

AquaGear® makes buying Swim Goggles easy

When buying Swim Goggles or Masks from AquaGear, we ask that you first try them out of the pool and see if they are comfortable. If not return them for another style or for a refund. Exchanges or returns should be in new condition with original packaging, but you can be confident that if your AquaGear goggles or mask are not working for you, you can try another style or brand.

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