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Speedo Solid Color Silicone Swim Caps Speedo
Silicone Swim Cap
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TYR Long Hair Swim Cap TYR
Long Hair Swim Cap
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TYR Pink Swim Cap TYR
Pink Swim Cap
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TYR Have a Nice Day Swim Cap TYR
Have A Nice Day Swim Cap
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TYR Cray Cray Silicone Swim Cap TYR
Cray Cray Swim Cap
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TYR Old Glory Silicone Swim Cap TYR
Old Glory Swim Cap
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Speedo® Net Effect Swim Cap Speedo
Net Effect Cap
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Speedo Junior Silicone Cap Speedo
JR Silicone Swim Cap
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Water Gear Latex Swim Cap Water Gear
Latex Swim Cap
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Water Gear Lycra Swim Cap Water Gear
Lycra Swim Cap
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DK Douglas Wet Cap DK Douglas
Wet Cap
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1Line Swimming Is My Life Silicone Swim Cap 1Line Sports
Swimming Is My Life Silicone Swim Cap
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Swim Caps

Why Wear a Swim Cap?

You don't have to be a high-level competitive swimmer to enjoy the benefits of wearing a swim cap. Swim caps can help reduce drag for a more streamline swim; They can cover the scalp to keep the head warm or protected from harsh sunlight. Caps can also act solely to keep your hair out of your face while in the water. There are as many cap options as there are reasons to wear a swim cap while in the water. Take a look at AquaGear's entire selection of swim caps - you're sure to find a cap to suit your needs.

Silicone Swim Caps

Silicone is one of the most popular choices for swim cap materials because of its durability and strength. Whereas other materials may begin to deteriorate over time, a single silicone cap can last for many seasons, if cared for properly. The streamline design of a silicone cap is great for competitive swimmers, although any swimmer will enjoy the caps' snag-free, comfortable fit.

Latex Swim Caps

Latex caps are another popular and extremely affordable choice for swimmers. Latex is far thinner than silicone, which allows it to stretch easily over the head. But, because it is thinner and naturally-derived, the material can break down more easily, especially when preventative steps are not taken. Latex caps are ideal for swimmers or water aerobics participants that swim in warmer waters. The thin material can help keep the head cool and the hair pulled back. Also, because of their affordability, latex caps are great for fashion-forward swimmers looking to mix up their look at the pool.

Rubber Swim Caps

Rubber caps, though derived from a similar source, tend to be a bit thicker than latex swim caps. While not as stretchy as their thinner counterpart, rubber caps are still very lightweight and affordable. Many bubble-style caps are made from rubber.

Lycra Caps

Made from soft, pliable material, Lycra swim caps are extremely comfortable to wear and won't snag or pull hair. Unlike other swim cap materials, Lycra does let water in and will allow your hair to get wet. While great for aqua aerobics and recreational swimming, these types of caps create too much drag for competitive swimmers to use alone. However, many fitness and competitive swimmers do enjoy wearing a Lycra cap under their silicone or latex cap in order to control hair more efficiently and create an even more streamline and comfortable fit.

Neoprene Caps

If you swim in chillier environments, then a Neoprene cap would be an ideal choice. Made from the same materials as a wetsuit, neoprene caps trap and insulate water around the head. Utilizing the same principles as a wetsuit, thermal neoprene swim caps will help regulate the body's temperature throughout a cold-water swim.

Crepe Bubble Caps

While these types of caps look like they're straight from the 1960s, bubble caps have been updated with modern materials and redesigned to meet 21st century swimmers' needs. Bubble caps are ideal for recreational swimmers and aqua aerobics enthusiasts who prefer to keep their hair as dry as possible. While no cap can guarantee 100% dry hair, a bubble cap will come close. Swimmers also enjoy the cap because of its soft, malleable material that can contain longer or bulkier hair.

Various Sizes

Even though most caps are made from stretchy material and are typically a one-size-fits-all piece, there are still a few swim caps that come in specific size options. Kids will benefit from having a swim cap that fits their smaller heads perfectly. A good fitting cap will ensure that the cap stays in place during their entire swim. There are also caps available that are specifically tailored for men or women. And still others, like the bubble cap options, that are available in small, medium and large sizes for a truly customized fit. Swimmers with long or thick hair can also benefit from using sized caps to help keep their hair secured.

Swim Cap Care

AquaGear® recommends rinsing your cap in fresh water after each and every use to eliminate chemical buildup. Gently towel dry or prop the cap open to allow the inside to dry completely before storing it in a cool, dry place. If you find that your caps become "sticky", try sprinkling some baby or talcum powder on the inside of your cap prior to storing.

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