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Speedo Swedish Goggle 2 Pack
Speedo Swedish Goggles - 2 pack

The Speedo Swedish goggle is a very simplistic, low-profile goggle designed with the competitive swimmer in mind. The Speedo Swedish Goggle is the original Malmsten Swedish goggle style, created by Olympic coach Tommy Malmsten thirty-five years ago. It's key feature is a minimalist, low profile frame that keeps the Malmsten goggle close to the face for less drag. These low-profile goggles are ideal for competition.

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Swedish Goggles

A Competitive Edge

Swedish styled goggles are a type of competitive goggle worn by many high level swimmers. They are one of the most popular types of racing goggle because of their extremely low profile and no-nonsense design. First produced in the 1970s by the Swedish company, Malmsten AB, the goggle's unique design has gone on to influence many other competitive goggles. Because they feature only the basic components of a standard goggle, Swedish goggles are usually very affordable. These types of goggles can take some getting used to and are best suited for more experienced swimmers.

Low Profile Fit

One of the main (and most noticeable) characteristics of Swedish goggles is their complete lack of gasket and cushioned seal around the eyecup. Instead of relying on a solid, static frame and foam gaskets, these competitive goggles create a watertight seal by lying close and flush to the face. The lenses actually sit within the eye sockets and are therefore able to create the ultimate low profile shape. Their close fit also ensures that the pair stays perfectly in place during starts, turns, and sprint speeds.

Fully Customizable

Another reason elite swimmers love Swedish goggles is for their ability to be fully personalized to each athletes' needs. Each pair of goggles typically comes with a pair of eye cups, one long latex head strap, and a nose piece that usually consists of a piece of string inside a plastic tube. This gives swimmers full reign on how to construct and fit their goggle. No matter if you have a narrow or wide face, Swedish goggles can be adjusted to perfectly match your facial lines. In addition to their custom assembly, Swedish goggle lenses are also available in a wide variety of colors, tints and mirror finishes for an always crystal clear swim.

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