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Summer Solutions Swim Suit Cleaner

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Suit Solutions Swim Suit Cleaner

The active ingredients in Summer Solutions Suit Solutions help rid your swimsuit of potent pool chemical odors, extend the life and elasticity of the fabric, and can even help further protect the material from the damaging effects of chlorine. One wash and you'll instantly see how simple, fast, and effective this swimwear cleaner truly is.

Saves Money By Extending Suit Life

Summer Solutions Suit Solutions really is the answer to all your swimsuit problems. Regular soaps just don't cut it when it comes to washing swimsuits. Harsh detergents might help get the chlorine out, but their strong formula quickly fades suits' bright colors. But on the other hand, you don't dare wash your clothes with a gentler fabric softener because you know you'll be dealing with that dreaded stale chlorine smell in and out of the water. Summer Solutions Suit Solution is the perfect combination of a rough and tough detergent and gentle color and elastic preserver. The formula was developed to make suits last longer. And any swimmer knows that quality swimsuits aren't the cheapest pool necessity. Suit Solutions can help extend the life of all your Lycra swimwear. The detergent allows your suit to look great, last longer, and retain its unique elasticity wash after wash.

No Rinsing Necessary!

Suit Solutions swimsuit cleaner is available in either an 8 oz. or portable 2 oz. size. To use, drop two capfuls of Suit Solutions into a basin of water and swish your swimwear in the water to instantly neutralize odor and chlorine. This simple routine will help extend the life of your swimwear. The Summer Solutions formula works similarly to ActiveWear Mate, another no-rinse formula that helps keep workout gear free from chlorine and perspiration odors.

Products Specifically Designed for Swimmers

While the Suit Solution does a great job keeping your swimwear clean and fresh all season long, Summer Solutions has a few other great products to help keep your entire body protected from the drying and damaging effects of chlorine. Summer Solutions Swimmer's Shampoo can help keep your locks shiny, healthy and fully moisturized all swim season. It helps protect your hair from chlorine and other harmful pool chemicals. And the brand's Swimmer's Lotion is the perfect post-swim moisturizer. The formula slathers on so smooth that you'll find yourself using it all year round.

AquaGear Opinion

After all the time that the testers spend in the AquaGear pool, there's bound to be lots of swimwear laundry piled up. The Summer Solutions Suit Solutions refreshed stale suits and fabric caps, and swimmers even remarked that the formula could easily be used on other Lycra workout gear. While it wasn't as thick as other detergents, the consistency of the solution didn't seem to get in the way of its job.

The Bottom Line

Quit throwing money down the drain âˆ' literally! âˆ' by using ill-suited detergents on your swimwear. Invest in a bottle of Summer Solutions Suit Solutions to keep your swimsuit looking and feeling great swim season after swim season.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 28 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
summer solutions
Written by on November 20th

#5 summer solutions is a great product

suit solution
Written by on December 16th

I like this product so much I introduced it to both my sister and daughter. They also added her daughter and a cousin. It means my suit lasts a whole year instead of 6 months

swim suit cleaner
Written by on June 25th

easy order process, prompt deliver, I am very happy with the purchase

Summer solutions swim suit cleaner
Written by on August 6th

Greatest swimsuit cleaner ever. I lap swim 4-5xs/wk, it keeps my suits fresh with no chlorine smell. Easy to use. Highly recommend it

Summer Swim Suit Cleaner
Written by on August 6th

I have been using this product for several years and would not be without it. It has saved my swim suits from fading and so I get more wear out of them. I swim 3 days a week all year . Thank you for a great product.

Summer solutions swim suite cleaner
Written by on August 20th

I've been using this for years! It keeps my suits from wearing out as fast from the chlorine in the water. Please keep making it! Thanks.

Cannot Beat the Price and Quickness
Written by on October 22nd

We've been using this product for my nieces swimsuits, love the smell and how clean it gets her suits. Since we go through quite a bit, I'm glad I found Aquagear has this product for half the cost a local shop sells it for. Thank you for the fast shipment and great pricing! I will definitely use this company again.

Summer Solutions Swim Suit Cleaner
Written by on December 31st

I've been using this for years. I used to teach at a warm indoor pool and have been swimming at another warm indoor pool for 3 winters. This rinse helps my suits last longer.

Summer Solutions Swim Suit Cleaner
Written by on April 15th

I've been using this for years to clean my swim suits - I'm in a chlorine pool almost every day. My suits seem to last longer than they do before using Summer Solutions Suit Cleaner.

Summer Solutions Swim Suit Cleaner
Written by on July 1st

My wife swims several times a week and uses this cleaner after every swim. It works great by removing the chlorine and enables her suits to last much longer. This stuff is great!

Summer Solutions Swim Suit Cleaner
Written by on November 12th

This product is great, I am in the indoor pool where I live many times a week, and the chlorine really destroys my suits. So happy to have finally found something that takes out the chemicals and gives my suits a longer life.

Summer Solutions Swim Suit Clearner
Written by on January 27th

I swim all year and have used Summer Solutions to clean my suits for years. It keeps my suits from thinning out from being in chlorine. Good stuff!

Easy Summer Solutions
Written by on March 3rd

An easy way to clean your swimsuit and keep it looking new. Just a capful in the sink with cold water - swish your suit and it’s done! All chlorine removed and your suit is clean!

Written by on March 17th

This product does an excellent job of removing chlorine from my swimsuits plus the swimsuit has a clean feel the next time it is worn.

Perfect for Swimsuit
Written by on July 14th

I soak my swimsuit after I get home from the pool and after rinsing no chlorine smell plus it keeps it from fading

Great product
Written by on July 29th

Summer Solutions does exactly what it’s supposed to. It eliminates the chlorine and chlorine smell from my swim suits. I love the pool, but the harsh chemicals ruin my swim suits year after year. Summer solutions is keeping them in good shape and completely removes that chemical odor that hangs on to the suit even after thoroughly soaking and rinsing. I just fill the sink with water, add a couple of capfuls, and soak my suit for about 20 minutes. Works great.

Does what it says it will
Written by on July 30th

Just a cap full and a Swish around and Viola removes all Chlorine smell leaving our suits with a fresh clean smell. Haven't been using long enough to determine if will increase the life of our suits.

Ladies water class
Written by on November 5th

Last Christmas I purchased this Cleaner for the water-class ladies. They all liked it; said it kept the chlorine smell at bay as well as the suit's shape. Recently purchased 10 for this year's gifts. I'd like to see a gift set of suit cleaner and body wash in nice packaging during holidays. Bottle caps were secured, but the bottles were loosely packed and rolled around in the box, which was pretty roughed up during shipping. I ordered early as this product seems to sell quickly.

So far perfect
Written by on December 15th

Been using summer solutions for a couple years now and it really does work. My suits wear out before the color fades and it takes out the chlorine smell immediately. Easy to use.

An Outstanding Product
Written by on January 19th

Summer solutions is an outstanding product! I have been using it regularly for years. When i take off my suit after swimming I always drop it into the sink filled with water and a couple of capfuls of Suit Solutions, just as the instructions say. It extends the life of my suits by a factor of two or three by neutralizing the chlorine, keeps them from fading and keeps the material flexible.

Great product
Written by on February 9th

Swim suit cleaner is easy to use - no rinsing necessary.

Written by on April 6th

This really does the job! A friend told me about it and it actually works wonderfully... I highly recommend it to anyone like me who swims regularly.

Summer Solutions
Written by on April 6th

A great product- cleanses your swimsuit from chlorine. Simple, quick and unscented. Quick delivery!

Summer Solutions Swim Suit Cleaner
Written by on April 27th

It is excellent.

Just what I need
Written by on June 22nd

This cleaner works beautifully. It is simple and quick to use. Love the clean, soft scent. Removes the smell of chlorine completely.

Excellent product
Written by on June 29th

I love this swimsuit wash. It has made my children’s swimsuits hold up for years. So much so that the younger daughter gets to use them as hand me downs.

Just what I need
Written by on July 12th

Love this stuff! So simple to use and it really does remove all chlorine odor immediately and my suits wear out before the color fades. Highly recommend

The Best
Written by on July 20th

This keeps your swimsuits fresh with no smells of chlorine. I like the size of the bottle and the price too. I will purchase again in the future.

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