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Strike Alert Portable Personal Lightning Detector

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Strike Alert Lightning Detector

The Strike Alert Personal Lightning Detector is an absolute necessity if you or your children spend lots of time at the outdoor pool, ball field, golf course, soccer field or anywhere else that a lightning warning might be useful. It's not just a clever and compact outdoor accessory, it can literally act as a lifesaving device.

How It Works

The Strike Alert Personal Lightning Detector works by alerting users of storms brewing in the area. With the simple push of a button, the device is able to provide information on lightning strike distances and whether the storm is coming or going. Not only does the product allow you to manually search for storms and lightning strikes in the area, but the device also gives off a loud, audible warning before and during lightning that's within striking distance. As soon as you hear the audible warning, or check the screen for visual confirmation, everyone in the vicinity should be alerted to move indoors. Keep a whistle or bullhorn around if there is even the slightest chance of a storm. The Water Gear Pealess Whistle is a lifeguarding and outdoor sporting accessory that allows you to alert the entire pool or field that lightning is in the area.

Conveniently Sized

The Lightning Detector is compact and lightweight. For reference, its size is smaller than that of a deck of cards. It can run up to 100 hours on two AAA batteries. Plus, the Strike Alert detector has an automatic shut off to conserve battery life. If no lightning has been detected for 2 hours, the device will turn itself off. The impact-resistant lightning detector can be clipped to your belt, golf bag, outdoor equipment bag, or backpack. It's convenient enough for you to take any and everywhere that it might come in handy.

The AquaGear Opinion

While the AquaGear testers see a lot of new products, the Strike Alert Detector is already a much-used and well-tested device in and around the pool. It's used at the AquaGear Swim School to determine if it's safe to enter the pool. And with the company's headquarters in Florida, you better believe it has gotten a lot of use during thunderstorms over the years. One of the best things about the Lightning Detector is that it allows both instructors and students to have peace of mind when entering the water. It's the perfect outdoor companion. SPECIAL AQUAGEAR NOTE: Do not use this device near other electronic devices, especially those that transmit a signal. Interference can occur and disrupt the detector's signal.

The Bottom Line

Don't risk your safety, and the safety of those around you, by relying on outdated lightning detecting devices. Pick up a Strike Alert Personal Lightning Decorator today and be well warned and prepared every time you step outside.

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