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Speedo Speedo Pull Kick

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Speedo Pull Kick

Speedo combines the potential for essential lower body kickboard drills and upper body pull buoy training to produce one of the most multi-functional training devices to date: The Pull Kick.

Versatility is Key

Imagine being able to perform most of your specialized kick and stroke drills without having to drag multiple training devices to the pool ever again. The Speedo Pull Kick was designed with versatility and ease of use in mind. It's a kickboard and pull kick all in one and can truly help take your lap swimming to the next level. Engineered for optimum buoyancy, the combination device can easily support the entire body to allow you to fully concentrate on the drill at hand.

Trains Both the Upper and Lower Body

Use the Pull Kick as a traditional kickboard to help train and strengthen your lower body. Its solid design and ample buoyancy easily supports the upper body while training the legs. When you're ready to switch to upper body specific drills, tuck the scalloped shape device between the legs and let your arms do all the work. For an ultimate training session, slip on a pair of I.M. Tech Paddles, also manufactured by Speedo, to intensify your upper body workout.

In addition to traditional drills, the unique shape of the Pull Kick is ideal for one-arm drills and for working with the backstroke. And not only does this combination device help work muscles in both the upper and lower body, but it can additionally function as a body positioning aid. What more could you possibly ask for in a training device?! It's definitely a must-have for any and all lap swimmers.

Perfect Travel Companion

The Pull Kick's compact size makes it ideal for travel. Throw it in your Speedo Ventilator Equipment Bag and carry it along with you to each and every practice, no matter where they might take place. But just because the device is lightweight doesn't mean that it lacks in buoyancy. In fact, the Pull Kick's durable EVA foam construction easily holds up even under the most demanding of drills. If you've relied on the compact design of the P2K Pull Buoy Kickboard Combo by Aqua Sphere, you're sure to love Speedo's concept as well.

Measurements in inches.

The Aqua Gear Opinion

Not only did this product test well because of its compact size, but swimmers in the Aqua Gear test pool also loved how much buoyancy the device provided. Unlike other similar products, the Speedo Pull Kick was able to hold its own and keep the swimmer well afloat during each and every drill. Users agreed that it would be a great, versatile addition to any swim gear collection they owned.

The Bottom Line

Why carry around two bulky training devices when you can combine a kickboard and pull buoy with the Speedo Pull Kick. Save room in your swim bag by making use of the two-in-one versatile product.

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