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Speedo Hydralign Racer Goggles

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Hydralign Racer Goggles

Strap on a pair of Speedo Hydralign Racer Goggles and see what all the fuss is about. These competition-grade goggles were designed with serious swimmers in mind. If you’re all about swim gear that’s perfectly streamline and ultra low-profile, then the Hydralign Racer’s are the ideal goggle for your training sessions and races.

Designed for Speed

If there’s one thing to say about these goggles it's that they were designed to help you cut through the water as quickly and easily as possible. Low profile is the name of the game when it comes to competition-grade goggles and this revamped pair by Speedo is all about laying low. The profile of the frame hugs the curves of the face, helping to streamline the entire head. If you’re already familiarized with some of Speedo's other race-inspired goggles, such as the Speedo Vanquishers, then the Hydraligns will be an easy and seamless transition. The difference between the two pairs is that the Hydralign goggle incorporates a specialized angled lens.

Promotes Proper Head Positioning

Another unique feature of the Hydralign Racer Goggle is that Speedo incorporated angled lens technology into its design. This slight tilt promotes proper head positioning, while mid-line markers give swimmers a focused line of sight. And while the angled lens might take a few laps to adjust to visually, the expanded side view and always crisp and clear vision will help keep your eye on the finish line. It is the ideal training and racing goggle for die-hard competitive swimmers and open water triathletes. The pair can help you teach your body the proper head positioning, as well as help you reach your goal in record time on race day. Rev up your training days by pairing the Hydralign Racer with a matching Hydralign Center Snorkel. Because it allows swimmers to solely focus on alignment, this center-mounted training snorkel further promotes proper head and body positioning.

Outstanding Features

In addition to the streamline design and angled lenses, the goggles also come equipped with a few other impressive features. The Hydralign Racer comes with three traditional replacement nosebridges and one Swedish-style replacement nosebridge. The goggles are available in clear or mirrored lenses, all of which are anti-fog coated and provide UV protection. Amp up the goggles' built in anti-fogging capability by adding a drop or two of Speedo's own Anti-Fog Solution. The formula is sure to keep your Hydralign Racer Goggles crystal clear.

The AquaGear Opinion

While the visual effect of the angled lenses might take some getting used to, these goggles definitely rank high amongst its competitors. AquaGear testers loved the way that the goggle contoured the shape of the face and that the thin and rigid gasket didn’t add additional drag to a swimmer’s body. Swimmers also noted that the Hydralign Racers were quite comfortable, especially for a racing goggle. And the straps stood up to repeated testing and came out looking extremely durable.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a smooth, leak-free, race day goggle, the Speedo Hydralign Racers definitely won’t disappoint. See how your stroke can improve with the help of absolute proper head alignment and worry free goggles.

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