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Speedo Aqua Fitness Jogbelt

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Speedo Jog Belt

The Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt is a versatile, comfortable and supportive device that can help make the most of your time in the water.

Great for All Water-Based Workouts

The size and shape of the Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt makes it an ideal choice for any kind of water-base workout, such as cross training, water aerobics, strength training, or even rehabilitation programs. This jog belt is ideal for low impact workouts, but can support the body during rigorous exercise as well. It allows users to increase overall strength, tone abdominal muscles and burn unwanted fat. The ultra supportive design helps to reduce shoulder stress while increasing arm strength. Use the belt in conjunction with some of Speedo's other water-based workout devices for a challenging, full body program. The Speedo Aquatic Fitness Barbells provide water resistance necessary to build upper body strength. And the Speedo AquaFit 360 features interchangeable foam weights and resistance discs to further challenge your fitness level.

Comfortable to Wear

The Speedo belt was designed to fit around the middle comfortably. Unlike other, higher cut belts, the Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt is contoured around the sides. Its shape helps it to avoid rubbing the front and back ribs and keeps it from pressing and rubbing against the top of the hips. Although the belt's foam is ultra durable and highly chlorine resistant, it remains soft and flexible against the skin. Its contoured, back-heavy shape is similar to the AquaJogger Active Belt. The brand is a main staple in water aerobics communities and the Active Belt furthers AquaJogger's excellent reputation with soft, flexible foam and full body support.

Adjustable, Adaptable Jog Belt

The Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt comes in two different size options. This allows users to get a fully customizable fit when wearing the belt. The small/medium option is more contoured shapes helps provide a more secure fit on smaller body frames. No matter the size, this belt's soft, flexible foam remains soft on the waist, as well as hips and ribs, when working out. In addition to the various sizes, both models come with an adjustable, webbed belt with quick release buckle. Speedo's other jog belt, the Hydro Resistant Jog Belt, can also accommodate up to a 56" waist and includes anti-slip silicone printing for a slip-free fit.

Measurements in Inches.
S/M 26 8.5 6 2 25" - 48" waist
L/XL 28.5 9 7.5 2 25 - 56" waist

The AquaGear Opinion

Testers strapped on the Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt and jumped into the AquaGear pool to try out the water workout device. To ensure that the belt didn't ride up while in the water, the swimmers made sure to tighten the belt snugly around the waist and ensured that the buckle was placed just over the belly button. Besides being an ultra buoyant and supportive belt, the Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt features large foam sections on the back that continually pushes users forward a bit. This demanded the testers' abs to continually engage to keep them upright and resulted in a more challenging, full body workout. The swimmers also really enjoyed the belt's contoured shape, which helped keep the belt's durable foam from rubbing on the ribs and hips while in the water.

The Bottom Line

The Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt is yet another high quality fitness product from the well-tested and highly trusted brand. Pick up yours today and see how the jog belt can help you get the most out of your water workout.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Written by on June 17th

Bought this as recommend for waist 29" or less. Have made belt as small as possible yet it still rides up while exercising.

speedo aqua jogbelt
Written by on October 10th

first, let me say i like dealing with smaller companies as they tend to listen much better ... and you actually get to talk to a human who is not reading a script ... enuff said! i ordered the belt online and was preparing for an upcoming trip when i received and email telling me my order had been/was being shipped. i realized at that moment that i wanted another item from the company. i immediately called the '800#' (6a hawaii time)and was speaking to a young lady and asked if the package had actually been shipped ... 'its sitting right here waiting to go out!'. i asked if another item could be shoved into the box also ... 'sure, not a problem'. and it never was. received the package 3 days later and have been very happy with my purchase. i have developed a 'hip issue' and my normal 4mile walking routine was creating a problem. i was made aware of 'running in the water' and found the belt able to buoy me as i 'ran' without touching the bottom. this was an awesome workout. i haven't been able to run on land for years. this was a breakthrough! the product is great, the price was great, the service was great ... total experience?? GREAT! thank you for all that you have done to have this purchase be a good experience. i know if you do this for me ... you do this for everyone. that is how business grows, by treating people right!

Speedo Aqua Fitness jogbelt
Written by on October 29th

Needed this for recent knee surgery so I could exercise in my pool. love it it's help so much My orthopedic doctor suggested I get one. You had the most reasonable prices. Thank you!

Swim Jog belt
Written by on January 23rd

If you're looking for a great swim/excersize belt, this is it !! Great place to order from too !

Speedo Aqua Fitness Jogbelt
Written by on December 3rd

This swimming belt is the best for someone like me that used to swim but now needs a little bit of help from sinking. It's also great when you are with a bunch of friends and they all seem to stay up on top of the water when we are in a group and you have to tread water like your going to drown. Although it should not be used as a life saving device, it sure can do that in an emergency. This is the second one that I have had in the last 4 years and would never swim or exercise without it. It's wonderful and you don't even know that you have it on. I would certainly buy another one when it is time to re-order.

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