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Speedo Aquatic Fitness Glove

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Aquatic Fitness Gloves

The flexible, durable and comfortable Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves help give upper body and cardio water workouts an added boost.

Why Their Design Works

Unlike other aqua gloves made from lighter materials, such as Lycra®, the Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves amp up the resistance and durability thanks to their thicker Neoprene® composition. The sturdy design features webbed, Neoprene backing with a rubberized palm. This feature not only adds extra resistance while in the water, but also helps you grip water weights, kickboards, noodles or whatever else your water aerobics routine requires. The flexible webbing creates a powerful drag in the water, assisting you in building upper body muscles during resistance training. Often compared to the Aqua Sphere Water Fitness Gloves, which are quite similar in design, the Speedo swim gloves dramatically enhance resistance in any and all aquatic environments.

Comfortable Yet Effective

Just because these gloves are made to really give your upper body a load-bearing workout doesn't mean that they aren't comfortable on the hands. The flexible material easily molds to your hand's shape. And the extra-wide Velcro opening, a feature not found on more delicate silicone models, gives your hand ample room to slide in and out. If you're familiar with Water Gear's Open-Finger Neoprene Force Gloves, complete with accessible zipper closure, you already know how important it is to have an easy on and off system. The ergonomic design creates a smoother movement in the water and can help provide propulsion through the water when swimming laps.


The Speedo gloves come in two colors âˆ' charcoal and red or royal blue âˆ' and are available in Small, Medium and Large. The durable construction and material means that these gloves can be tossed in the washing machine and laundered with any and all of your other swim gear. Use Speedo's Swim Suit Cleaner, which helps remove chlorine and dirt from delicate fabrics without ruining elasticity, to ensure that your swim glove stays as fresh and clean as possible. When you can't get home to wash your wet gear right away, be sure to store the Aquatic Fitness Gloves, as well as any other damp gear, in a bag designed to help dry and protect your training gear when not in use. Speedo's Ventilator Mesh Bag does a great job at helping your swim gear drain so that it remains fresh and mildew-free.

To ensure proper fit, measure from the tip of the longest finger to the bend of the wrist and compare this measurement to the chart below.


Small up to 6 1/2"
Medium6 1/2" to 7 1/2"
Large7 1/2" to 8 1/2"
X-Large over 8 1/2"

The AquaGear Opinion

Swimmers that jumped into the AquaGear test pool to try out these gloves immediately found that the pair was remarkably easy to get on. Unlike other fitness gloves, the Velcro closure opened nice and wide - making this a great glove for therapy and arthritis patients. While they aren't as resistant as non-permeable silicone gloves, the strong rip-resistant Neoprene provides more resistance than thin, Lycra® models. Even our seasoned swimmers found swimming with the gloves on to be a welcome challenge.

The Bottom Line

The Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves are durable, long lasting and the perfect workout companion for lap swimming or aqua aerobics. Speedo, once again, boosts your water workout to the next level.

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 4 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Great Swim Glove
Written by on December 18th

These gloves are great for swimming. These are my second pair.

Water gloves
Written by on January 23rd

Perfect water gloves. They give just the right amount of drag/resistance in the water

The Best
Written by on May 21st

These gloves are great! I'm getting a great upper body workout.

Great accessory
Written by on February 4th

This is our second pair of gloves. After at least five years our old pair was starting to look beat up, but still usable. We use it to add difficulty to our Aqua jogger workouts in the pool.

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