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Snorkel Gear

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About Snorkel Gear

Planning a snorkeling trip to an exotic locale? Let AquaGear be your partner in fun. Whether you're off to the Florida Keys or simply want to be properly outfitted for your own backyard pool, our selection of quality snorkeling gear is all you'll need to feel right at home in your underwater world.

Get up close and personal with all kinds of marine life, coral, sea fauna, and rock formations without the burden of heavy air tanks or bulky equipment. Unlike scuba diving, snorkeling can be done virtually anytime, anywhere with minimal gear − making it ideal for families and young swimmers.

The Equipment Basics: Snorkel, Mask, and Fins

Snorkeling comes down to three key pieces of equipment: a mask, a snorkel, and a set of fins. Sounds easy enough, right? But ill-fitting snorkeling equipment is a decisive factor in your enjoyment of the experience. Fins that slip or blister, masks that leak, and snorkels that take on too much water can spell disaster for any trip.

While all snorkels serve the same ultimate purpose, they vary greatly in type and use. If you love to free dive, spearfish, or scuba, a flexible−tubed diving snorkel fits the bill. If you plan on snorkeling in calm conditions, a standard snorkel is all you'll need to remain splash−proof. But if you plan to swim in rough conditions or surface dive, a dry snorkel will provide you with total protection from water entering the breathing tube.

The most essential piece of equipment is your snorkeling mask. Modern day masks are designed to give swimmers a full 180−degree view of the underwater world around them. You won't miss a thing with any of our panoramic single and two−window masks.

We know that everyone's face shape is different. That's why we stock a large selection of masks in various sizes and styles. Ranging from extra large adult sizes to petite women's and kid's models, every adventurer will find their snorkel's perfect partner.

To top off the snorkeling package, our snorkeling fins are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate everyone in your group.

Remain rested and refreshed throughout your dive with a pair of long−bladed snorkeling fins. Their extra length extends the flex of your foot and leg, allowing for more forward propulsion with less effort.

If your feet are easily chaffed, pick up a pair of fin socks to eliminate blistering and extend your time on the reef.

Consider Your Safety

Make sure everyone is well protected with a layer of water− and sweat−proof sunscreen. And, if you'll be in a tropical zone, consider bringing along a personal lightning detector for up−to−date information on impending storms.

Feeling like you need a little extra support? Try a snorkeling vest with optional flotation potential and high−visibility coloring.

If your snorkeling trip leads you to a crowded body of water, strap on a visibility device to ensure you're easily seen. And because open water tends to be a bit chillier than pool water, don't forget to bring along a thermal swim cap or a wetsuit. Shorty wetsuits are ideal for mild climates and can help keep your core warm without restricting range of motion.

Everyone's Favorite Adventure

Kids will have no trouble finding all the right gear right here at AquaGear Swim Shop. Snorkels with smaller mouthpieces, narrower masks, and fins that accommodate little feet will help outfit all the budding divers in your family. And be sure to check out our mask, snorkel, and fin sets, which bundle all three necessary items into one low−priced package.

Whether you're exploring the Great Barrier, snorkeling just offshore, or simply splashing around in your backyard pool, let the AquaGear team equip your next adventure. Pick up your own snorkel set today and catch a glimpse of the teeming world beneath the waves!

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