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Speedo Solid Color Silicone Swim Caps Speedo
Silicone Swim Cap
51 In Stock
Speedo Silicone Bubble Swim Cap Speedo
Silicone Bubble Swim Cap
7 In Stock
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$10.99 You Save 16%
TYR Long Hair Swim Cap TYR
Long Hair Swim Cap
7 In Stock
TYR Pink Swim Cap TYR
Pink Swim Cap
6 In Stock
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TYR Cray Cray Silicone Swim Cap TYR
Cray Cray Swim Cap
6 In Stock
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$10.95 You Save 7%
TYR Old Glory Silicone Swim Cap TYR
Old Glory Swim Cap
5 In Stock
Speedo "World Tour" USA Swim Cap Speedo
"World Tour" USA Cap
4 In Stock
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$14.95 You Save 15%
1Line Ladybugs Silicone Swim Cap 1Line Sports
Ladybugs Silicone Cap
3 In Stock
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$10.68 You Save 13%

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Silicone Swim Caps

Silicone swim caps are, by far, the most popular choice for modern day swimmers. These caps are easy to put on, provide a great, streamline fit, and can last for seasons when cared for properly.

Silicone vs. Latex

Before silicone was used in swim cap manufacturing, latex was the most popular material used by swimmers. Silicone caps were originally manufactured for people who suffered latex allergies, but other swimmers quickly got a hold of the great material. Latex and silicone are quite similar in the way they perform in the water. Silicone is slightly thicker than latex and is a bit more durable in the long run. Unlike latex, silicone is able to lie completely flat against the head and won't wrinkle or bunch when fitted properly. Because of these advantages, silicone caps tend to be more expensive than latex caps, but swimmers who know their stuff gladly pay the extra dollar or two for the highly trusted material.

Streamline Fit

Silicone is able to stretch and fit over a wide variety of head sizes. They might look small when not on in use, but rest assured that the material is quite stretchy. Because of its excellent shape memory, it holds tight to the head while swimming. This creates an unbeatable streamline effect. Silicone caps are great for competitive swimmers because they help reduce the amount of drag the head produces.

Snag-Free Comfort

Many swimmers enjoy wearing silicone swim caps simply because of their high level of comfort. Unlike rubber or even latex, silicone won't snag or pull at hair. This is especially beneficial to children, or any other swimmer, with a sensitive scalp. These caps are able to stretch and fit over most any hair thicknesses and length. But, because the material does provide such a sleek fit, long-haired users might have a problem with the caps slipping off of their bulky locks. Although they are highly recommended for swimmers of all ages and sizes, silicone swim caps work especially great for users with small to medium sized heads and those with short or normal length hair.

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