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Rubber Swim Caps

Rubber swim caps have been a favorite choice amongst traditional swimmers for the last 90 years. They are an affordable, durable choice for all types of swimmers. Check out our modern and retro rubber cap styles.

Thick & Durable

Thicker than their more modern counterparts such as silicone and latex, rubber swim caps are some of the thickest caps available. The solid caps aren't as flexible or as stretchy as other caps, but they do provide a firm fit that's highly resistant to tears or rips. Rubber is one of the best material choices if you want to keep as much water out of your hair as possible. Fitting rubber caps can be a challenge for newer swimmers because they are designed to fit as tight as possible. They are unable to stretch over large areas like silicone and latex are able to. The caps are best suited for experienced swimmers with short or medium length hair.

Rubber Crepe Caps

Many bubble or crepe caps are made from heavy-duty rubber material. This allows the unique caps to be as durable as possible. The bubbles that cover the cap's surface are able to give when pulling on the cap. This allows the rubber crepe caps to be slightly more flexible and comfortable than traditional rubber caps. They often work great with swimmers who have long, thick, or bulky hair. Bubble caps are available with or without straps and work great for people who enjoy water aerobics, lap swimming, or just lounging around the pool. While no cap is designed to keep hair 100% dry, these tough, tight fitting rubber caps help keep as much water out as possible. This can help keep your color- or perm-treated hair protected from the damaging effects of chlorine.

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