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About Resistance Gear

When you're ready to hit the pool, let AquaGear be your personal trainer. We'll outfit you for a productive session in the water, no matter your fitness goals.

I Want to Sculpt My Upper Body

Want to have glorious lats? Sensational shoulders? Pick up a bar float or a pair of resistive hand buoys for a challenging upper body workout. Want less resistance? Try a pair of swim paddles or gloves, easier for those with arthritis since there's nothing to grip.

I Want to Transform My Lower Body

Designed for the ultimate lower body walking workout, winged Water Walkers are the powerhouse for lower body exercise. For a tougher swim or workout session, try a pair of ankle weights to create additional drag and demand more from your routine.

I Want It All

Don't settle for a half-toned bod. Our aquatic fitness systems are the solution for your full-body workout needs. An AquaJogger system provides buoyant resistance, while a Hydro-Tone system is buoyancy-neutral and results in a more difficult workout. Our resistance cuffs offer a wide range of buoyancy levels, perfect for users of all fitness levels. Plus, they can be used on the ankle or the wrists, saving you money. And, try a resistance band to stretch out sore muscles after your swim.

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