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Speedo Vanquisher Optical
Speedo Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggles

The Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggle is intended for the swimmer who wears contacts or glasses when above water. These low profile, optically correct goggles are available in several diopter strengths to fit your needs. They are produced by Speedo, a premiere supplier of aquatic apparel and accessories, and manufactured from the highest quality materials available. These goggles are 100% latex and PVC free.

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Speedo Jr Vanquisher Optical
Speedo Jr Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggle

The Speedo Jr. Vanquisher Optical Goggles will help your child see him or herself clearly all the way to the finish line. While the crystal clear vision and expanded side view that the standard Vanquisher Goggles provide are great, some pint-sized swimmers need a little optical help while in the water. Wearing glasses or contact lenses while swimming is unfeasible. But, thankfully, the Speedo Jr.

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TYR Corrective Optical Swim Goggles
TYR Corrective Optical Swim Goggles

Created for near-sighted swimmers, the TYR Corrective Optical Goggles reveal a whole new underwater world. This optical goggle's durable polycarbonate lenses stand up to daily use, even if that means ocean-swimming. The silicone gaskets seal comfortably without applying too much pressure, and the incrementally adjustable nose bridge makes finding the ideal fit easy. The TYR Corrective Goggle also features 100% UV protection and pre-applied anti-fog coating. Latex-free.

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Aqua Sphere Eagle Optics Goggle Corrective Lens (Each)
Aqua Sphere Eagle Optics Goggle Corrective Lens

THIS IS NOT A PAIR OF LENSES, BUT A SINGLE UNIT. ENTER "2" IN QUANTITY FIELD FOR A MATCHING PAIR. Made for use with the Aqua Sphere Eagle Swim Goggle, the Eagle Optic Lens is a breakthrough in design offering optional interchangeable optic lenses that bring clarity back to your swim. Eagle Optics clear lenses are designed to provide the greatest visibility indoors or in low light. 100% UV protection allows you to swim in full sunlight without the risk of damage to your eyes.

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Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggles
Aqua Sphere Eagle Swim Goggles

The Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggles take underwater clarity to soaring heights with their revolutionary interchangeable optic lenses. No longer do you have to make-do with goggles that somewhat match your prescription eyewear needs. Find your perfect combination by mixing and matching the unbeatable lens clarity of the Eagle Goggles. The Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggle offers its users the option of interchangeable optic lenses.

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Barracuda H2Rx Prescription Goggles
Barracuda H2Rx Prescription Goggles

The Barracuda H2RX Goggles provide near-sighted swimmers with high quality polished corrective lenses to ensure that each and every swim is as crystal clear as possible. If you're required to wear corrective lenses outside the water, it makes absolutely no sense to deprive yourself while you're in the pool. Before prescription grade goggle lenses were available, swimmers weren't always treated to a 20/20 swim.

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Tusa Liberator Goggle Lens (Each)
Tusa Liberator Swim Goggle Corrective Lens

*** This is an AquaGear Close-Out Item - Limited to Quantity in Stock *** Use the Tusa Liberator Lens lens to replace the standard non-prescription Liberator Lenses. Available in diopter from -2.0 through -7.0 in 0.5 increment. -4.0 through -7.0 call for special order. Although similar to your glasses prescription, swim goggle diopter lenses require a quick calculation to ensure that the proper strength is selected and post-swim headaches are avoided.

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Prescription Swim Goggles

The Choice is Clear

Because glasses and contact lenses are impractical in the water, many goggle brands have begun producing prescription strength goggle lenses to help nearsighted swimmers see clearer underwater. Prescription swim goggles are identical to regular recreational or competitive goggles in design. Oftentimes, swim brands will simply take a popular traditional-lens goggle and make it available in a wide variety of diopter strengths. Both recreational and competitive goggle models are available in prescription strength options. However, most brands only manufacturer negative strength lenses for near-sighted folks (also known as myopia). As a result, positive strength lenses are far rarer to come by. Ranging from -1.5 all the way to -10.0, these helpful goggles can help any swimmer see more clearly in and out of the water. These ready-made lenses are designed to closely match your contact or glasses prescription strength. Using an optically correct goggle can help you keep a close eye on the competition and allow you to easily see and track your split times while swimming.

Static vs. Replaceable Lenses

Many prescription swim goggles are available with static diopter lenses. This means that the lenses are not replaceable. These types of goggles are popular because it means less worry and fuss for a swimmer. All a swimmer has to do is slip a pair on and is ready to swim with perfect 20/20. The only drawback of fixed prescription lenses is that they are not able to adjust to a swimmer's eyesight as it improves or diminishes. Sometimes, you can purchase two static lens pairs, disassemble and swap out the left and right eyes and end up with two pairs of prescription lens goggles.

There are also prescription strength goggles that are available with interchangeable lenses. Swimmers can purchase a standard goggle frame and replace the regular lenses with specifically designed corrective lenses. While these types of adjustable goggles do require a little more work, many swimmers prefer them. Interchangeable lenses means that swimmers can get a fully customized goggle that's able to adapt to their changes in eyesight. Because two prescription levels can be mixed and matched, these types of goggles are also ideal for swimmers who have eyes with two different diopter strengths.

Choosing Prescription Swim Goggles

Although similar to your glasses prescription, swim goggle diopter lenses require a quick calculation to ensure that the proper strength is selected and post-swim headaches are avoided. Looking at your prescription, you'll want to locate the sphere and cylinder for each eye. Use the following formula to find the right diopter lens for you:

Find Your Diopter Strength

(1/2)(Cylinder) + Sphere = Diopter

Example: If your left eye (OS) has a sphere of -4.5 and a cylinder of +.25, your diopter strength would be as follows:

(1/2)(.25) + (-4.5) = -4.375

Remember: Water will refract light and correct vision a bit without any prescriptive power applied. With that in mind, if your calculation does not end with a .5, select a diopter strength that is one step lower than the outcome of your calculation. If you need help, please give us a call or open a chat session for guidance.

Have Astigmatism?

If your astigmatism is over 2.0, you will likely not feel comfortable in a typical prescription goggle and may want to opt for a custom-made design. However, if your astigmatism is under 2.0, you should be fine going with a pre-made goggle.

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