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About Personal Care Products

Our full line of personal care products for swimmers is perfectly formulated to rinse away chemical residue, undo chlorine damage, and prevent deterioration caused by harsh pool additives. With an arsenal of swimmers personal care products at your side, you'll be fully prepared to take to the water without fear of damage to your skin, hair, or swimsuit.

Hair Protection

Got gorgeous color? Try rinsing color-treated hair with fresh water before you swim. And take a look at our selection of swimmer's shampoos, designed to rinse away chlorine, bromine, copper, and salt after your swim. Pick up a bottle of deep conditioner to keep hair from drying out. And, if you've got really sensitive strands or permed hair, try a pre-swim gel for an extra barrier against harsh pool water.

Skin Protection

Feeling itchy? Our bar soaps and shower gels are uniquely formulated to remove chlorine and salt from skin. Say 'goodbye' to tight-feeling skin with a dollop of swimmer's lotion. Got blisters? A water sports salve heals wounds fast, without reducing essential callusing. If pool-time means skin breakouts, our barrier lotion will save the day. And don't forget to slap on some sunscreen to keep that skin glowing season after season.

Ear Protection

Don't let your ears take on water. Keep them dry and clear with a pair of ear plugs or a neoprene earband for extra protection and warmth. If you frequently fall victim to swimmer's ear, try our specially-formulated ear-clearing drops.

Suit Protection

Safeguard your suits from drooping and melting with a simple capful of suit cleaner. Your swimwear will thank you and you won't be shelling out for a new suit every 6 months.

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