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Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Glove

The flexible, durable and comfortable Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves help give upper body and cardio water workouts an added boost. Unlike other aqua gloves made from lighter materials, such as Lycra®, the Speedo Aquatic Fitness Gloves amp up the resistance and durability thanks to their thicker Neoprene® composition. The sturdy design features webbed, Neoprene backing with a rubberized palm.

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TYR Aquatic Resistance Gloves
TYR Aquatic Resistance Gloves

Made from sturdy neoprene, the TYR Aquatic Fitness Gloves provide consistent resistance to build or recover upper body strength. The large easy-to-grasp closure tab makes this pair of gloves suitable for arthritic folks and those with weak grip. A rubberized palm allows wearers to grip equipment, handles, and the side without slipping. The thick neoprene helps to retain body heat, while the open finger design allows exercisers to 'feel' the water.

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Aqua Sphere Swim Gloves
Aqua Sphere Water Fitness Gloves

The Aqua Sphere Swim Glove is a webbed neoprene swim glove that gives swimmers increased upper body resistance without restricting the natural motions of the hand and wrist. The Aqua Sphere Swim Glove uses its webbed design to create additional drag through water. This increases resistance and creates a more challenging swim for building upper body strength. The webbed glove's unique shape and thick material provide this increased resistance without sacrificing the mobility of the hand.

12 In Stock
Aqua Sphere AquaXTraining Power Glove
Aqua Sphere AquaXTraining Power Glove

New for summer 2014, Aqua Sphere's Power Glove is part of the Aqua X Training System, which also features the Core Belt. The Aqua Sphere Power Glove makes traditional swim gloves look downright puny. The thick, neoprene covering provides plenty of resistance on its own, but is perfectly paired with a semi-rigid foam pad for extra buoyancy. These gloves slide right on to the hand, with no zippers or Velcro™ to fuss with.

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Water Gear Neoprene Force Gloves
Water Gear Neoprene Water Fitness Gloves

Water Gear Neoprene Gloves have a side zipper closure with zipper lock for a secure, no-slip fit. Rubberized palm for better grip. Thick neoprene provides excellent drag resistance for lap swimming, water exercise, and upper body rehabilitation. Force Gloves increase hand resistance by 50%. Measurements in inches. Color-coded by size.

100+ In Stock
Water Gear Neoprene Fingerless Force Gloves
Water Gear Fingerless Neoprene Water Fitness Gloves

The Water Gear Fingerless Water Fitness Gloves are just one of the many outstanding items that carry the company brand name. The Water Fitness Gloves are made to enhance the performance of anyone engaged in water sports, such as water aerobics, surfing, or swimming. Made from neoprene, they are extremely durable and long lasting, when cared for properly. Move smoothly and quickly through water with these unique swimming gloves.

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D. K. Douglas Water Gloves
DK Douglas Neoprene Water Fitness Gloves

The DK Douglas Water Gloves are a great way to comfortably add upper body resistance to your aqua cardio routine. The D.K. Douglas Water Gloves are designed to increase the water's resistance in order to enhance your water-based workout. The webbed gloves are made from premium grade neoprene, which displaces higher amounts of water without becoming heavy or bogged down. Pair the gloves with your normal aqua aerobics routine to better tone and strengthen your upper body and core.

15 In Stock
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