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Neoprene Swim Caps

Why Wear Neoprene?

Neoprene is a thick, durable, flexible material that is used to manufacturer a wide variety of products. It is widely used in the diving community and most modern wetsuits are made from the material. Neoprene is great in the water because it is able to trap a thin layer of water between the material and your body. This water is quickly heated by your body's own heat and helps keep you warm in chilly environments. Because up to 30% of heat is lost through the head, swim and dive companies have begun manufacturing neoprene swim caps to help keep the head protected in cold waters. An insulated neoprene cap can help regulate your body temperature and keep you going strong in the chilliest of environments.

Open Water Swimmers

Neoprene swim caps are a must for most open water swimmers and triathletes. Because lakes and oceans tend to be colder than the local lap pool, swimmers have to be prepared for chilly conditions. While a wetsuit helps protect the body, an insulating neoprene swim cap helps protect the head. Just like wetsuits, these caps trap and heat a thin layer of water to help maintain a comfortable body temperature. To maximize this warming effect, be sure to choose a cap size that fits your head as closely as possible. Neoprene swim caps are great for swimmers who enjoy taking to the open waters year round.

Layer for Extra Warmth

Even if you're not a die-hard open water enthusiast, you can still benefit from the insulating properties of neoprene. If your silicone cap isn't doing enough to keep your head warm, then try layering on a neoprene cap to help lock in your natural heat. For an extra comfortable fit, look for caps that feature a Lycra lining. These neoprene caps will slide on with ease and won't snag or pull hair in the process.

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