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Men's Swim Caps

While shaving your head is a great way to reduce drag, it's not always the most practical option for recreational and competitive swimmers. Men can benefit from donning a swim cap as much as their female counterparts. Swim caps designed specifically for men can help streamline the body, hold back hair, and even help insulate the head. Check out the men's styles available through AquaGear®.

Caps For Competition

Even the shortest haircuts can add drag to your swim. If you're a competitive or fitness swimmer and aren't wearing a cap, you might want to consider donning one for your next swim. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the difference a swim cap can make. To get the ultimate streamline effect, choose a style that will help reduce drag. Silicone is always an excellent choice for any level swimmer. The pliable, soft material lies close to the scalp to produce a resistance free swim. Latex and rubber are two other swim cap materials that also work great for streamlining the head for competitive swimming events.

Caps To Hold Back Hair

Even hair that's not considered long by everyday standards can get in your way and block your vision while in the pool. Silicone, latex and rubber caps can help keep back your hair and streamline your head. If you're looking for a more relaxed fit, then you might want to try on a lycra or nylon cap for size. These ultra comfortable swim caps don't reduce resistance as well as non-porous versions and will allow your hair to get wet. However, they are ideal for recreational swimmers who are looking for an easy way to hold back hair and protect the scalp.

Caps to Insulate

Open water swimmers, both male and female, can benefit from thick, insulated swim caps. Since water zaps head and body heat much faster than air, it's important for outdoor swimmers to keep their heads covered. Swim caps made from neoprene can help regulate body temperature. These kinds of caps work just like a wetsuit. They trap a thin layer of warmed water to help keep the head as warm as possible. If you swim in cold pools, oceans or lakes, then an insulating swim cap is a must for your safety.

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