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Lycra Swim Caps

The Lycra Material

Soft, pliable, and comfortable to wear, lycra swim caps are unlike other traditional caps made from silicone or latex. The lycra blend used for swim cap production is the same material used to make most swimsuits. Most of the time, lycra caps consist of a mix of lycra, nylon, and sometimes spandex in order to create a pliable, stretchy fit. Unlike traditional swim caps, lycra caps are permeable and will absorb water. This means that your hair and scalp will most likely get wet when wearing the comfortable caps. Swimmers with long or thick hair love the feel and performance of lycra caps. The soft material won't snag or pull at hair, making it an always easy fit.

Worn Alone

Lycra caps can easily be worn alone and can help keep the hair back and scalp protected while working out in the water. The soft caps are great for water aerobics routines and recreational swims. They can help keep the head cool when in warmer, heated waters, and help protect the delicate scalp skin when swimming in an outdoor pool. Because they do not streamline the head as well as silicone or latex versions, lycra swim caps aren't the best stand-alone choice for competitive or fitness swimmers.

Worn Under Another Cap

When worn underneath a traditional silicone, latex, or rubber cap, competitive and fitness swimmers can take full advantage of lycra's snag-free, comfortable fit. Many swimmers enjoy using a two-cap system, especially those with thick or long hair. To wear two caps, first slip on a lycra cap. Be sure that it's on correctly and that all your hair is securely tucked in. Then, slide on a silicone, latex, rubber, or any other type of swim cap for an ultra streamline fit. The two caps will work together to help reduce drag and ensure that both caps stay in place during every portion of your swim.

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