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Long Hair Swim Caps

If you have long or thick hair, it can be a real challenge to find a swim cap that's able to hold back your locks with ease. Even normal sized caps made from flexible material might not be enough to keep your hair pulled back. But, thankfully, there are many swim cap models available that were specifically created with long-haired folks in mind.

Silicone Swim Caps

Silicone is an excellent choice for any swimmer, no matter their hair length. Because the material is durable and flexible, it can easily mold to most any head and hair shape without wearing thin. Look for silicone swim caps that are specifically designed to contain longer hair. Often times these types of caps have an expanded area on the back of the head in order to keep hair comfortably and securely in place.

Lycra Swim Caps

A lycra swim cap is another option available for swimmers with long or thick hair. These types of caps can be worn in a few different ways. Don a lycra cap and you'll be treated to a comfortable, warm swim. While the permeable material can't keep your hair dry, it will easily stretch over your long hair and won't snag or pull at your locks. Or you can choose Lycra swim cap that's specifically designed to fit underneath traditional swim caps. Wearing two caps can help keep your head comfortable and keep your long or thick hair perfectly in place. Try pairing a thin Lycra cap with a Silicone cap for an ultra streamline effect.

Crepe Bubble Caps

Bubble or crepe caps are another great option for swimmers with long hair. These types of caps feature tiny bubbles that cover the top of the cap. These small pockets of material flex and give to cover a large amount of hair. And the bubbles add a high level of comfort to the swim cap. Many crepe caps feature sizing options and a chinstrap, which can help keep the cap in place and further control thick or long hair.

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