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Latex Swim Caps

What is Latex?

Latex is naturally-derived from plant sources. It is a milky white fluid that is excreted from plants upon injury. To make the latex used in swim caps, the liquid is whipped with air to create a pliable, foamy material. Latex is known for being soft, supple, and flexible. It's used in a wide variety of products, such as gloves, balloons, mattresses, and clothing, but is especially good for use in swim cap production. Please note that some individuals are sensitive to latex or have latex allergies. These swimmers should not wear latex swim caps in order to avoid potential reactions.

Stretches to Accommodate Any Swimmer

Latex swim caps are primarily known for their stretchy, tight-fitting qualities. The material is non-permeable, which means that it won't let any water in or out. Latex swim caps have the ability to hold hair extremely tight and close to the scalp. This results in a streamline effect, no matter the amount of hair on your head. The latex swim cap was extremely popular in the 1980s, but is still worn by various competitive and fitness swimmers to this day.

Thin to Avoid Overheating

Latex swim caps are an affordable choice that many swimmers love to wear. Some brands have made their latex swim caps available in various child and adult sizes. But, because they are so stretchy and malleable, many of the latex swim caps are only available in a one-size-fits-all option. Latex caps are great for kids because their pliable quality makes them easier for children to put on themselves. If you swim in a warm outdoor or heated pool, a latex cap would be ideal for you. Because of its thin composition, a latex cap will keep you from quickly over-heating. Water aerobics exercisers that workout at a high level of intensity will also benefit from wearing a flexible and thin latex cap.

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