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Speedo Junior Hydrospex2
Speedo JR Hydrospex2 Swim Goggles

Thought that Speedo couldn't improve any further on the classic Jr. Hydrospex design? Think again. The Speedo Jr. Hydrospex 2 goggles provide mini-swimmers with an improved comfortable lens frame, along with the same, trusted fit. The updates to this already outstanding swim goggle make it a fast favorite with your child. Kids splash, dive, swim, jump, and do everything in between when at the pool. Give your child a goggle that can stay put during each and every water-based activity.

24 In Stock
Speedo Jr Vanquisher Optical
Speedo Jr Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggle

The Speedo Jr. Vanquisher Optical Goggles will help your child see him or herself clearly all the way to the finish line. While the crystal clear vision and expanded side view that the standard Vanquisher Goggles provide are great, some pint-sized swimmers need a little optical help while in the water. Wearing glasses or contact lenses while swimming is unfeasible. But, thankfully, the Speedo Jr.

15 In Stock
TYR Kid Swimples Swim Goggles
TYR Kid Swimples Swim Goggles

The most popular youth TYR goggle, the Kid's Swimple boasts ultra-soft gaskets and a one-piece frame − perfect for young athletes as well as recreational swimmers. Constructed from durable, hypoallergenic silicone, the frame and gaskets of the TYR Kid's Swimple are ridiculously comfortable (even better, they seal well). The one-piece frame means no fussing with nose bridges for a better fit. This goggle works for most face shapes right off the bat.

12 In Stock
Speedo Kids Hydrospex Swim Mask
Speedo Kids Hydrospex Swim Mask

Recommended for kids aged 3-8, the new Speedo Hydrospex Swim Mask is a great choice for vacations, swim lessons, and beach days. Made from super-soft, latex-free silicone, this swim mask for kids is totally bendy (making it real tough for kids to break). They can twist it, squish it, and toss it, without fear of causing damage. The inset lenses reduce scratches caused by throwing goggles on the deck (a skill kids excel at!).

9 In Stock
Speedo Kid's Vanquisher Swim Goggle
Speedo Kid's Vanquisher Swim Goggle

Cool, fun, and perfectly sized for your little swimmer, the Speedo Kids Vanquisher Goggle is just what your son or daughter needs to start swimming, enjoy summer, or join the team! Its sleek design and comfortable feel makes it an ideal competitive or training goggle. Speedo's G.O. Fit System is all about inner eye fit. It's designed to help your little swimmer stay comfortable throughout his or her entire training session and race day. G.O.

5 In Stock
TYR Qualifier Swim Goggles
TYR Qualifier Swim Goggles

The Qualifier Goggle by TYR is designed for kid's with competition in mind. The latex-free kids' goggles are the ideal pair for race day, practice, or swim lessons. The soft silicone gaskets and split headstrap create a great seal, without pinching. True to its competitive design, the TYR Qualifier features an adjustable nosebridge for a perfectly streamline fit. Just like every TYR goggle, the Qualifier boasts anti-fog coating, UV protection, and durable polycarbonate lenses.

4 In Stock
Speedo Skoogles
Speedo Skoogles Kid's Swim Goggles

Fitting kids with goggles is never an easy task. Adult-sized frames do not fit around smaller eye sockets, causing leaks. And some kid-specific models are cheaply made and can not transition with a child into fitness swimming. But, the Speedo Skoogle Kids Goggles take all the worry out of finding the perfect goggle for your pint-sized swimmer.

3 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Swim Goggle
Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Swim Goggle

The Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Mask defends kids' delicate eyes from UV rays, salt water spray, and harmful chlorine so that they can freely explore the world beneath the water's surface. The wide-lens swim mask provides both experienced swimmers and fun-loving splashers with 180 degrees of panoramic vision, making the Seal Kid 2 an ideal choice for recreational swimming, stroke practice, beach-going, and any other water-based activity.

35 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Kayenne Jr
Aqua Sphere Kayenne Jr Goggles

The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Jr. Goggles offer swimmers an extra wide, 180 degree view. Their extra wide, oversized lenses allow kids to get an unparalleled panorama of the underwater world around them. Designed to curve around the face and match facial lines, the junior swimming goggles provide crystal clear clarity in and out of the water. In fact, the Kayenne Jr.’s lenses use a patented curved technology that helps give a wide view without distorting a swimmer’s field of vision.

30 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Moby Kid
Aqua Sphere Moby Kid Swim Goggles

The Aqua Sphere Moby Kid Goggle was designed specifically with kids in mind. The smaller-than-normal face frame is able to adapt to kid-sized faces. They're great for children, pre-teens, petite teens, and can even accommodate adults with smaller faces. The flexible goggle frame features a soft gasket that helps cushion the delicate skin around the eye. This skirt not only keeps the kid's swim goggle comfortable for hours on end, but also ensures a secure, leak-free fit.

22 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Vista Jr
Aqua Sphere Vista Jr Swim Mask

Aqua Sphere's Vista Jr. goggle is a great eye protection option for younger swimmers. This smaller version of the Vista goggle combines the full, wraparound view of a mask with the streamlined quality of a racing goggle. Made in Italy, Aqua Sphere's goggles are held to the highest quality standards, ensuring a product that is not only stylish, but also highly functional. The lenses of the Vista Jr. goggle wrap to the sides of the face, allowing for a 180 degree field of vision.

20 In Stock
Aqua Sphere Mako
Aqua Sphere Mako Kid's Swim Goggle

The Aqua Sphere Mako Kid Goggle is a great, versatile starter goggle for your budding swimmer. The Aqua Sphere Mako Kid Goggle is the perfect choice for your little swimmer, no matter what skill level he or she has obtained. Because the goggles are so easy to use and comfortable to wear, they are a great starter pair for children of all ages. The kid's swim goggle is perfectly sized for smaller faces and fits the curves of narrower face frames perfectly.

4 In Stock
Engine Joker Kid's Goggles
Engine Joker Kids Swim Goggles

Engine took all the great aspects of the renowned adult-sized Jester Goggle and put them into this kid-friendly goggle. The Engine Joker Goggles were designed to fit a child's face with ease. Sized to fit swimmers between the ages of 6 and 12, the Jokers can help your budding swimmer cultivate his or her skills in the water. The kid's goggles provide young swimmers with crystal clear underwater clarity.

13 In Stock
Cressi Crab Kid's Swim Goggles
Cressi Crab Kid's Swim Goggles

Created in Italy to the impressive quality standards of the Cressi family, the Cressi Crab Kid's Goggle is a fool-proof choice for swimmers aged 3-7. Featuring shatter-proof & scratch-resistant lenses, this pair easily stands up to kid's rough play. The lenses are also set back into the frame - meaning kids can toss their goggles on the deck without fear of scratched lenses.

12 In Stock
Finis Jellys Toddler Goggles
Finis Jellys Kids Goggles

The Finis Jellys are the perfect goggles for your child. These goggles provide your child with UV protection and are also anti fog. Ideal for ages 2 to 6.

6 In Stock
Finis H2 Hydrogen Jr
Finis H2 Hydrogen Jr Kids Swim Goggles

The H2 Hydrogen Junior Goggle by Finis was specially designed to fit the smaller curves on a child's face. The secret to their great fit is the goggle's soft silicone gasket. Not only does it help mold to a swimmer's face for leak proof results, but also remains soft and pliable for a comfortable fit. The H2 Hydrogen Junior Goggle also features polycarbonate lenses that are designed to be tough and provide optimal clarity.

2 In Stock
Barracuda Wizard Googles
Barracuda Wizard Googles

The Barracuda Wizard Google is part of the performance series and is designed for children ages 5 to 10 years old. It is neoprene free all around. The lenses have anti-fog coated lenses with UV protection, keeping your vision clear for hours of swimming fun! The soft nose bridge self adjusts. Adjusting the straps is easy! Simply grasp the small buckles on each side of the strap, pull away from the frame to tighten or pull toward the frame to loosen the strap.

100+ In Stock

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Kid's Swim Goggles

Kid sized goggles and masks are great for little swimmers of all ages. Their narrow lines and smaller-than-normal features perfectly mold to fit your child's face. The selection of goggles available through AquaGear® can accommodate children as young as 2 years of age and adapt to swimmers through their pre-teens.

Easy To Use Designs

One of the best things about kid-specific goggles is that they are designed to be easy to use. This means that kids are better able to fit and adjust the goggles and masks by themselves. Look for goggles that feature quick-fit side buckles for easy adjustments while on the go. Goggles that are aimed at younger swimmers and toddlers might even feature a clasp on the back of the head strap for an even easier, snag-free fit. And to ensure a great, leak proof fit, all kid's swim goggles feature smaller lenses and frames to help better fit a child's narrower facial lines.

Made to Last

All of the kid's goggles carried by AquaGear® are specifically designed to last. They're made from tough materials such as scratch-resistant Plexisol lenses and rip-resistant silicone frames and head straps. Designers incorporated such rough and tough materials to ensure that the goggles could last through most anything a child puts eyewear through. Between the durable materials and the goggles' ability to grow with your child as he or she ages, your little swimmer can enjoy a solid piece of swim eyewear year after year. Your child will love being able to use a familiar, well-fitting goggle, and you'll love being able to save money in the long run.

Fun, Bright Colors

Kid's goggles and masks are often decorated in bright colors. Because children love donning fun and colorful eyewear, the goggles seem more of a fun accessory than a chore to wear. Some models can even change color when exposed to UV lighting, bringing a surprise to every swim. Just like adult goggles, kid's goggles are available in a wide variety of lens colors and mirror finishes to help keep your child's eyes protected in any environment. To reduce the amount of lens scratching that takes place, look for a lens that is set behind the frame of the goggle.

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