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Speedo Junior Silicone Cap
Speedo JR Silicone Swim Cap

Designed for junior swimmers aged 8-14, the Speedo Junior Silicone Cap sculpts the head for a perfect streamline and a winning season. The lightweight, hypo-allergenic silicone provides insulation from cool water, as well as a hydrodynamic fit. The durable material stretches to nearly double-size, allowing the head to "breathe" and making it easy for kids to take on and off independently. Not a child? You're probably looking for the adult version of this cap.

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DK Douglas Wet Cap
DK Douglas Wet Cap

The DK Douglas Wet Cap is a different kind of swim cap that can do a number of things for you while in the water. Unlike traditional caps made from rubber or silicone, the Wet Cap is made from soft, pliable Lycra blended with nylon. This ultra durable material is not only soft on the head, but is also a stretchy, strong fabric that’s comfortable to wear. In fact, the blend makes the fabric resistant to wrinkles for an always great look.

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Water Gear Critter Caps
Water Gear Critter Kids Swim Caps

Perfect for kids 3+, Water Gear Critter Caps are wildly adorable. These kids-sized caps are constructed from 100% silicone and feature inner embossing to extend the life of the cap. The soft silicone won't pull hair and is hypo-allergenic. Collect them all!

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Aqua Sphere Kids Silicone Swim Cap
Aqua Lung America Silicone Swim Cap Kids

Aqua Sphere Silicone kids swim cap has a soft stretchy feel that is durable and will not pull hair when putting on or removing.

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Kid's Swim Caps

Even the smallest swimmer can benefit from using a swim cap while making a splash at the pool. Check out some of the styles AquaGear® has available and see how they can help your child further enjoy his or her time in the water.

Helps Keep Back Hair

Help your child see more clearly and comfortably by investing in a kid's swim cap that can help keep their hair out of the face while in the water. Swim caps do a great job of comfortably holding back hair. And unlike rubber bands or bobby pins, great fitting caps won't slip off in the water. Look for styles available in silicone or lycra materials. Both of these will easily hold back a large amount of hair without snagging or pulling delicate locks.

Protects Delicate Scalp

Protecting a child from harmful UV rays is one of the top priorities for parents. To avoid painful scalp burns, use a perfectly kid-sized swim cap to keep your child's head covered while swimming outdoors. If swimming in warm conditions, choose a cap that's lightweight and easy to don. This will help keep your little one comfortably covered in slightly higher temperatures.

Locks in Warmth

Children can spend hours in the water without growing tired. But, being in the water for such lengthy periods can quickly zap warmth from your little one's body. Swim caps are a great way to help lock in heat and keep your child comfortable in chilly pool water. Even the thinnest swim cap can lock in small amounts of precious body heat and help regulate temperature. If your child swims in cold pools or open water, consider getting him or her a swim cap to help lock in essential warmth.

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