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Junior Swim Caps

A step up from children's caps, junior caps help keep children and pre-teen kids covered while in the water. No matter if your son or daughter is a budding competitive swimmer or just enjoys recreational time in the pool, there is a swim cap that's sure to fit his or her needs.

Perfect Fit

The most important thing you can give your junior swimmer is properly fitting gear. Junior swim caps are designed to fit slightly smaller heads with ease. A cap that fits well is less likely to slip during starts and turns. And when your child can trust in their gear, they can fully focus on the race at hand.

Competition Styles

For those junior swimmers who have a real need for speed, be sure to check out AquaGear's selection of race day swim caps. These caps fit low and tight and help streamline the head for a drag-free swim. Most often, these types of caps are made from silicone. This material is the most popular choice among competitive swimmers. Silicone is able to fit a wide variety of head sizes and lies flat without wrinkling or bunching. This helps keep the head as streamline as possible and can potentially help your junior swimmer shed seconds off their time. Silicone is also a great choice for younger swimmers because it slides on and off with ease. The material won't snag or pull hair, making it an always comfortable, secure cap choice.

Recreational Styles

Because they are so gentle on the head, silicone junior swim caps can certainly be worn by recreational swimmers. But if the junior swimmer in your pool would prefer something a little more casual, then they might be better suited with a lycra blend material. Lycra is a great choice for recreational swimmers and aqua aerobics participants. While it doesn't do much to keep the hair dry, it does easily hold back long hair and keeps the scalp protected from harmful UV rays.

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