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Hydro-Tone Mini Boots

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Mini Boots Resistance Footwear

The Hydro-Tone Mini Boots were specifically designed to give optimal resistance no matter how you move through the water. They are the perfect aqua cardio companion and are lightweight and compact enough to be taken anywhere you swim.

Powerful Resistance Blades

Also known as the HydroTone Water Weight™ Boots, the Hydro-Tone Mini Boots are an effective lower body and cardiovascular training tool. The Mini Boots are compact in design, yet pack a big resistance training punch! Made from single 5” wide sections of high-impact polypropylene, the boots feature three-dimensional W-shaped resistance blades. These blades, although small, produce a significant amount of drag in the water in every direction. Because of their unique shape, which Hydro-Tone uses in a number of their products, such as the W-shaped Hydro-Tone Boots and Hydro-Tone Mini Fins, the blades can give a much greater resistance level than other products. For example, when a swimmer uses the Mini Boots and moves his or her legs three times faster through the water, the blades produces a squared resistance of up to nine times more force than the swimmer would usually get. Because of their outstanding design, the Hydro Tone Mini Boots are well suited for performance-based training.

Comfortable to Wear

Just because they produce a great deal of resistance, doesn't mean that the Hydro-Tone Mini Boots aren't comfortable to wear. The polypropylene blades are padded with thick, comfortable foam. They secure just above the ankle and remain comfortable and chafe-free for hours on end. The 2" wide Velcro straps keep the boots firmly in place and are able to withstand intense training sessions without needing to be readjusted. The Hydro-Tone devices are available in yellow only and are sold in pairs.

Part of A Total Body Program

Because the Hydro-Tone Mini Boots are both effective and comfortable to wear, they can easily be used as a part of a total body workout program. While the Mini Boots are strapped to your legs, use the Hydro-Tone Bells to get a high level upper body workout as well. These easy-to-grip compact hand buoys also make use of Hydro-Tone's famous three-dimensional design. They work against the water and give you a load-bearing workout no matter how you move, turn or twist in the water.

The AquaGear Opinion

Testers were ready to get a great lower body workout when they strapped on a pair of Hydro-Tone Mini Boots. The first thing that swimmers in the AquaGear pool noticed was what an excellent resistive force the training devices produced. The force they create is comparable to the high-level Aqualogix Fins. Swimmers remarked how great a glute and thigh workout the compact boots provided. But as their upper legs were burning, their lower leg and ankle area remained comfortable. Thanks to the thick, shin-side foam, the Mini Boots provided a comfortable, extended-wear fit. Testers did note that the Water Weight™ Boots were easier to strap on while seated on the side or steps of the pool.

The Bottom Line

If your aqua cardio and strength building routine could use a little shake up, try out a pair of Hydro-Tone Mini Boots. Their compact and powerful three-dimensional design will give your legs a workout like never before.

Product Reviews

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Great Mini Boots
Written by on December 2nd

I really like the Hydo-Tone Mini Boots they are much easier on my ankle then the full boots. I recommend these for anyone sho has an ankle issue or where they cannnot handle the full resistance of the boots. Great product

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