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Hydro-Tone Water Exercise Resistance Bells

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Hydro-Tone Hydro Bells

Add a third dimension to your water work and see how quickly you can achieve your personal weight loss and resistance training goals. Hydro-Tone Hydro Bells are top of the line water workout devices relied on by elite athletes for cross training.

Trusted By Top Notch Athletes

When Olympic athletes, those that make their mark in the water or at the gym or track, want to do some serious cross training, they turn to the Hydro-Tone Hydro Bells to make their alternative workout happen. These uniquely crafted hand buoys were designed to be hydrodynamic resistors with three-dimensional contours that allow the shape to take advantage of the total resistive field of water. In other words, no matter which way you move, twist, or turn with these dumbbells in hand, you're going to feel a forceful and muscle-building resistance. They are made from high-impact polypropylene materials that give swimmers a high level of resistance. The bright yellow material is not only great at producing drag, but is treated to be U.V. and chlorine resistant. The pair is so durable that Hydro-Tone claims that, unless they get lost or stolen, you'll never have to buy another pair.

Like No Other

The buoyancy-neutral materials used to construct the Hydro Bells play a big factor in the devices' ability to perform. Because they neither sink nor float, the hand buoys allow for a total body workout and give exercisers a fighting chance to work more muscle-specific exercises. Other upper body training devices pale in comparison to the Hydro Bells. But if you do need a slightly less intensive set of hand buoys, Hydro-Fit has you covered with their Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys. These foam dumbbells are also designed for upper body resistance and, because of their buoyant design, are more manageable for less experienced water exercisers. Hand paddles, such as the Water Gear Aquaflex Paddles, create a slightly less challenging workout and offer more of a variable resistance routine.

Ultimate Workout Set

While the Hydro Bells are great on their own, Hydro-Tone developed another kind of training device to equally challenge your lower body as well. The Hydro-Tone Hydro Boots are full-length plastic boots that strap on the lower part of your leg and ankle. They are specifically designed to increase drag during any and all underwater movements. They fight against the water when moved forward, backwards and even laterally. By pairing the Hydro Bells with the Hydro Boots, you'll get an all-over workout that has the capacity to challenge even the most in-shape athlete. They are a great one-two punch against stubborn fat and flabby muscles. The complete set even comes with a workout DVD to ensure that you're using the Hydro-Tone products as effectively as possible.

The AquaGear Opinion

Testers in the AquaGear pool were immediately (and pleasantly) surprised at how much force these bells created. Because the Hydro Bells added so much drag, swimmers noted that they should only be used by people who are already comfortable in the water. They also thought that users might want to pair the bells with a flotation belt to keep from being tossed side to side as a result of the resistance. The Hydro-Tone bells' grip was both large and comfortable. And while everyone in the pool could get their hand around the dumbbells, they might not be suited for smaller persons.

The Bottom Line

For the ULTIMATE water resistance training routine, grab onto a pair of Hydro-Tone Hydro Bells for the workout ride of your life!

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 5 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Nothing Compares to them. Nothing.
Written by on July 2nd

I've used the bells for about 18 years now, having gotten sick of always being sore after weight training. There is no piece of equipment that compares to them. I have taught dozens of fellow gym members the proper use (that is, how to pour all one's effort into an overwhelming total body workout for range of motion, cardio, coordination and POWER). Any person of any fitness level can use them: I have taught several fighters, a senior who rehabbed her arthirtis in 2 months and regained full motion and strength, a golfer who added 20 yards to his stroke, and two powerlifters and one female bodybuilder who could not believe how they were tested by this simple product. In 2009 I met a man at the pool who weighed 370 pounds and could barely walk: in 9 months he was down 40 pounds on the scale and had at least 25 pounds more muscle and bone mass. Not only could he walk, he could RUN. Do you want to get in serious shape? Buy them, find a pool, rent a Tai Chi video, and do those moves in the water. Hold them under the water and do cross-country skiing, moving thru the pool or remaining staionary. Hold them together and do cable-rows. Keep a good posture from your shoulders to your hips, extend your legs into a long stretch, and PUSH. Don't bend over, LUNGE! (WHEN DOING TURNING MOVES, STAY ON THE BALLS OF YOUR FEET SO THEY CAN PIVOT WITH YOU. IF YOU HAVE YOUR FEET FLAT YOU WILL TWIST YOUR KNEES) CAVEAT: the enclosed instructions do not do them justice, and advise that you do not do back-twisting moves. This surely is to avoid liability. The whole advantage is that you can, with proper form, push the power in your legs, hips and core, up through your trunk and out through your shoulders into a workout that can have you doing over a THOUSAND reps per hour (I work at 1500) with all major muscle groups at once. The calorie burn rate is higher than water polo, over 2,000 cph. You cannot imagine the strength and cardio capacity this produces, if only you are willing to push yourself. GET THEM NOW.

These Bells are the bomb
Written by on August 17th

These bells have opened up my eyes on what you can achieve while exercising in a pool. They are a fun and challenging way to improve your cardio and strength level and are especially good for those who have a hard time doing traditional exercise. They can either be easy or hard depending on how you workout with them. You are in control. If your on the fence about these then do not wait, buy them today.

Hydro-Tone gives you an extra workout.
Written by on April 13th

Great for strengthening arms. The next level up of resistance and new dimension of workout to your water fitness class.

Buy these
Written by on April 23rd

Great workout. Love the water AND strength training? BUY.

Love these. Have my own and purchased these for my husband
Written by on May 21st

Love these paddles! I have my own and purchased these for my husband. No need to lift weights at the gym when you use these! They are great!

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