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Hydro-Fit Rehabilitation Neck Collar

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This item is discontinued and we do not have any more in stock. Please contact us for alternative recommendations.

Wet Vest Collar

The Hydro-Fit Wet Vest Collar was designed to aid rehabilitating patients and therapists by comfortably supporting the head and neck during aquatic therapy routines.

Support for the Head & Neck

The Hydro-Fit Wet Vest Collar comfortably cradles the head and neck for optimum support and positioning both in and out of the water. The Wet Vest Collar stabilizes the head in both vertical and horizontal positioning, making it ideal for therapy programs such as Bad Ragaz. The Hydro-Fit collar is also ideal for patients rehabilitating from head trauma and spinal cord injuries. The collar fits similarly to an airplane neck support pillow. The "C" shape wraps around the back of head and neck without putting pressure on the throat or chin. The Hydro-Fit collar is similar to other available flotation collars, such as the Kiefer Adjustable Adult Flotation Collar. Although the neck collar by Kiefer is a bit larger and lends even more support to rehabilitating patients.

Designed for Water Use

The exterior of the Hydro-Fit Wet Vest Collar was designed specifically for use in the pool. It's outer layer is made from durable, quality Neoprene. The collar won't absorb water, like other foam-based products can, and won't warp when dried because of it's unique inflatable bladder and pelleted options. The Hydro-Fit collar is fitted with adjustable Velcro straps to help insure a customized, always-comfortable fit. Users will love the weightless feeling this supportive device produces. During specialized workouts and rehabilitation sessions, the Wet Vest Collar can be used in conjunction with a flotation belt for maximum support and buoyancy.

Inflatable vs. Pellet-Filed

The pellet-filled version of this collar is no longer available as of 2014.

The Hydro-Fit Wet Vest Collar comes in two different options. Collar I comes with an inflatable bladder. This bladder can be easily filled and adjusted to a user's specific requirements. This type of Wet Vest Collar is ideal for patients that need varying support throughout their rehabilitation. It's also a great collar for therapists to have on hand if they have multiple patients using the same device. Alternatively, Collar II is filled with pellets. These tiny polystyrene pellets provide added comfort and give stable support without the need to refill the device with air. This type of Hydro-Fit collar is better suited for individuals that need firmer neck and head support and who will not be sharing the collars with others.

The AquaGear Opinion

Our brilliant product testers loved the compact design of the flotation collar (most are quite large and cumbersome) as well as the two unique options. The air-filled bladder was not as durable, but this part is sold separately for replacement purposes. While the pelleted version is non-adjustable, testers still loved the excellent support it provided, as well as its obvious durability.

The Bottom Line

The ultra-supportive Hydro-Fit Wet Vest Collar is an easy to use, easy to transport device that can be taken along no matter where your therapy sessions take you. Fill out your facility's shelves with a comfortable, portable, user-friendly neck collar.

Product Reviews

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Hydro-Fit Rehabilitation Neck Collar
Written by on October 30th

excellent product, great store and service, will be a return customer, for future equipment.

Great product
Written by on September 15th

very good collar, works well in the water, would buy it again

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