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Hydro-Fit Mini Cuffs

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Hydro-Fit Mini Cuffs

Designed to increase water's resistance and give you a great lower body and heart-pumping workout, the Hydro-Fit Classic Mini Cuffs are an ideal way to boost your existing aqua cardio routine.

The Classic Mini Cuffs Do It All!

Just because the word 'cuffs' is in their product name doesn't mean that the Classic Mini Cuffs can't be used as a total body system. Hydro-Fit specifically designed the resistance cuffs to adapt and fit into full body water workout routines. The versatile cuffs can be strapped around the wrists for a challenging upper body workout. The buoyant properties of the cuffs help add much needed resistance to strengthen and tone arm, chest, shoulder and back muscles. The Classic Mini Cuffs can then be used around the ankles. Pair them with a Wave Belt, which will help support your core and upper body, and get a leg workout like never before! And last, but certainly not least, the resistance cuffs can be fastened together as a belt and used to provide buoyancy and support in deep water. There are few other products available as versatile as this multi-functional Hydro-Fit product.

Great For Extended Use

Because the Classic Mini Cuffs are made from soft, non-chafing materials, they are ideal for use during longer-than-normal workouts. Not only are they already comfortable to wear, but Hydro-Fit also has Comfort Cuffs available as an add on to the Mini Cuffs. Comfort Cuffs are soft strips of neoprene worn under the traditional cuffs to keep delicate ankle skin from chafing. But their soft and comfortable design doesn't mean that they can't be used during more powerful exercises. The Classic Mini Cuffs feature a quick-release buckle closure for an extra firm fit, making them the perfect addition to any aggressive water workout.

Additional Specs

The Classic Mini Cuffs are available in buckle or Velcro closure options. The one-size-fits-most design allows swimmers to adjust the cuffs to fit their individual body type. When clasped together, the resistance cuffs form a belt that can fit up to a 38" waist. They are as versatile as the Hydro-Fit Classic Cuffs, yet are slightly less buoyant, and therefore produce slightly less resistance than the larger, original design. The Hydro-Fit Classic Mini Cuffs are available in blue only. Made from durable foam and neoprene materials, the resistance cuffs, when cared for properly, can last for years on end. To keep them going as long as possible, store the cuffs in a bag that will allow for proper drainage and drying. The Hydro-Fit Wet Sack is made from mesh and helps dry all of your aquatic fitness gear while on the go.

The AquaGear Opinion

Testers in the AquaGear pool thought that the Classic Mini Cuffs provided a nice amount of buoyant resistance. They were easy to use in both shallow or deep water, although exercises performed in the deep end worked better when paired with a jogger or flotation belt. No matter how long the testers wore the cuffs, the training devices always remained comfortable and soft against the skin. They are ideal for long workouts and training sessions. For ease of use, slip on the pair of resistance cuffs before entering the water.

The Bottom Line

The Hydro-Fit Classic Mini Cuffs are the perfect all-in-one, lightweight, and effective training device. Pick up a set today and see how they can help enhance and challenge your water workout.

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