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Hydro-Fit Water Resistance Hand Buoys

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Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys

Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys are an aquatic dumbbell designed to increase arm resistance and intensify your workout.

Sold in pairs, the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoy uses premium quality Ethafoam's flotation properties and a distinct dumbbell shape to create drag, increase water resistance and create a challenging upper-body workout. When submerged, they feel and act like weighted barbells underwater, except you must resist buoyant force pulling up instead of dragging down.

Versatile Design

The Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys are a great way to add variety to your workout, offering several versatile and fun workout possibilities. Whether you work to keep the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoy underwater or you move the barbell through the water, either way you will feel the burn in your upper-body. Thanks to the buoy's familiar barbell shape, it's easy to bring traditional on-land workout motions to an even higher level in the water. And, like traditional dumbbells, the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys can be held both vertically and horizontally.

You can condition your upper body in both deep and shallow water. Because the dumbbells use buoyant force to create resistance, you can alter that resistance by simply changing the intensity and force of your motion.

Great for Seniors and Rehabilitation

For seniors or those rehabilitating from injuries, the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoy greatly reduces impact on joints, offering a safe way to build and strengthen muscles around critical areas. The dumbbells' large, cushioned hand grips are also designed and sized to decrease tension in the wrists and shoulders. With a handle circumference of 1 1/2 inches, the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys are great for those with arthritis or who have trouble gripping. Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys also serve a double purpose, functioning as an underwater resistance trainer or at the surface for flotation or stability (still, the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys are NOT A LIFESAVING DEVICE).

Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys are manufactured with a sturdy construction for lasting durability, and the Ethafoam does not break down when cared for properly.

Specifications - All Measurements are in INCHES

MINI2.1256.125 5.1259.25Turquoise

If you want to add buoyant resistance to your aquatic workout without sacrificing the use of your hands, you might also consider the Hydro-Fit Cuffs. Or, for buoyant support for suspended water exercise and increased resistance for enhanced upper body conditioning, take a look at the Water Gear Noodle.

Are you a swim instructor relying on Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys or related equipment to train your team or clients? The Hydro-Fit Instructor bag holds 12 pairs of hand buoys, 12 pairs of cuffs, or 16 aquatic belts.

If you like the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys, you might also like the AquaJogger Delta Bells, aquatic dumbbells with a triangular design offering adjustable resistance. The Hydro-Tone Bells are a more non-traditional approach to creating drag and resistance. These buoyancy-neutral bells are a powerful upgrade from a standard foam buoy.

The AquaGear Opinion

The Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys are extremely buoyant. They offer more resistance than Aquaflex paddles, and it's best to take things slowly and get used to the added resistance. Still, the Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys have large, comfortable padded hand grips suited for longer workouts. Use in shallow water provides greater stability and ease of motion when performing exercises. You might also use these dumbbells to target your core muscles as well.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are rehabilitating from an upper-body injury, a senior trying to stay in shape without straining joints, or a competitive athlete seeking a challenging aquatic workout, there is a Hydro-Fit Hand Buoy for you. Grab yours today!

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 7 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Hydro-Fit Water Resistance Hand Buoys
Written by on November 12th

These hand buoys are well made and just the right amount of resistance desired. They are more pricey than the Speedo brand that I also purchased and time will tell if they are longer lasting to account for the higher price. VERY pleased with the ease of purchase and customer service from AquaGear!

Excellent product
Written by on November 25th

These hand buoys really enhance my water workout! The shipping was also fast, which I love!

Exactly What I Expected
Written by on December 1st

Everything about the order process, shipping and gear purchased were exactly as I expected it to be - easy, on-time and quality merchandise.

Hydro-Fit Water Resistance Hand Buoys
Written by on December 4th

Again, Joanne was extremely helpful to me when choosing what size Hydro-Fit Water Resistance Hand Buoys to order. These are large, and they give a good workout in the water. My arms could feel it later that night after exercising. I like them, and I am also considering ordering the next size down too just for a different exercise with them.

Water Aerobic Instructor
Written by on December 13th

Arrived as promised and in excellent condition. I teach water aerobics and love this product.

Hand Buoys
Written by on January 21st

all of our members enjoy the use of this exercise equipment.

Hand buoys
Written by on August 1st

These are exactly what I wanted for exercise resistance. Very pleased.

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