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Hydro-Fit Resistance Cuffs

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Hydro-Fit Cuffs

Hydro-Fit Classic Resistance Cuffs are some of the most versatile and unique training devices you can have on hand around the pool. Because they're able to fit on the ankles, wrists, arms, or snap together to fit around the waist, they always produce a challenging, full body workout.

High Level Resistance Workout

Because the Classic Resistance Cuffs provide such a high amount of buoyancy, they are able to provide aqua exercisers with a full body, omni-directional workout. They are the preferred choice if you prefer to work out aggressively in the water. The Hydro-Fit cuffs enhance the natural buoyancy and resistance of the water, in both deep and shallow pools. The Classic Resistance Cuffs are very similar to Hydro-Fit's Mini Cuffs, yet are a bit larger and provide higher resistance levels.

Works The Entire Body

One of the main reasons that the Classic Resistance Cuffs are so popular is because of their versatility. The cuffs can be strapped around the ankles for a heart-pumping, leg burning lower body workout. Or, slip the resistance cuffs around your wrists or arms to shape and sculpt your arms, shoulders, back and chest. And the cuffs can even go one step further and fasten together to form an ultra-buoyant flotation belt. Strap the devices around your waist (fits up to 54"!) and up your heart rate in deep water for a great cardiovascular challenge.

Tough and Durable

The buoyancy resistance cuffs are constructed from durable foam covered in cordura nylon. The material is not only strong enough to hold up to tough workouts, but gentle enough on the skin to stay comfortable during extended use. If your ankles ever feel sore after using the devices, Hydro-Fit has you covered with their Comfort Cuff strips. These neoprene inserts are worn under the cuffs themselves and keep ankles from chafing. And because they help thicken up the inside of the cuff, they are also ideal for swimmers with thinner ankles. The set is available in two different closure options. The quick-release buckle closure provides an extra firm fit, while the Velcro closure ranks high for ease of use. The cuff's neoprene jacket unzips and allows swimmers to adjust the amount of buoyancy. By adding or removing flotation inserts, which come with the standard set, you can get a customized level of resistance. To keep your buoyancy resistance cuffs going strong for years to come, keep them stored in a Hydro-Fit Wet Sack. This mesh bag not only carries all your gear to and from the pool, but also ventilates wet materials in order to properly dry the gear.

The AquaGear Opinion

Testers in the AquaGear pool were in for a real challenge when they tried on the Classic Cuffs. Because they provide so much buoyancy and resistance, aqua joggers thought that, unless you are a strong swimmer, an aqua jogging belt is needed for extra stabilization in deep water. But no matter what the testers tried in the water, whether it was jogging, walking, cross country skiing exercises, or jumping jacks, these cuffs were ideal for the workout. Plus, the devices' omni-directional resistance added much needed strength training to the upper body, lower body and even the core.

The Bottom Line

For a training product that really can do it all, pick up a pair of Hydro Fit Classic Resistance Cuffs today!

Product Reviews

This item is rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 3 reviews. Already own one? Write a Review!
Written by on June 18th

Love these resistance cuffs. An instructor at my local YMCA introduced me to them and they have become an indispensable tool in my core training and range of motion. The 2-way isometric function is just what my 67 year old body needed!

The best resistance cuffs on the market
Written by on November 24th

I work out with these to strengthen my leg muscles as I have pins/implants in both knees. I believe this is my 4th set since 2005 - I tried a different set for a couple of years but they were hard to drain and just didn't feel right in the water. These cuff adjust easily, drain and dry quickly and last forever - 3-4 years - and that's using them in a deep water one hour high intensity workout 4 times a week.

Written by on August 31st

This is my 2nd pair. There are 6 floats in each one that can be removed making them very customizable. I get a much better work out in deep water with these than with a belt. Highly recommend. Shipping was very fast.

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