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About Personal Care for Her

If you emerge from your swim with green hair, crunchy hair, tight skin, or an itchy rash, you can thank chlorine for that. Saggy, thinning suit? You can blame chlorine for that, too. But don't go off the deep end quite yet. Our personal care products for women are all you need to keep chlorine at bay and maintain the life of your suit, your hair, and your skin.

Hair Care

Our trim selection of swim shampoo, conditioner, and pre-swim topical gel are hand-picked and individually-tested. Try a two-in-one swimmer's shampoo/conditioner to cut down on shower time, or treat yourself to a dedicated pre-swim leave-in conditioner to seal the hair's cuticles and stop chlorinated water from penetrating the hair shaft.

Skin Care

Want clearer skin? That dry, flaky skin is another symptom of chlorine over-exposure and is easily-corrected. Use a specialty chlorine-rinse, like Aquia Shower Gel, for soft, smooth results. And top it off with a slick of lip balm and a bit of swimmer's lotion.

Suit and Equipment Care

Anything you use in the water that is made from fabric of any kind is susceptible to breakdown. Chlorine, bromine, copper, salt, and other hard minerals eat away at fabric, especially those containing rubber fibers, like swimsuits and water gloves. Treat your gear right with a quick rinse post-swim and a thorough rinse in specialized suit cleaner before hanging to dry at home.

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